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What Could I Do With a Music Production Degree?

22nd April 2021

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Maybe you know exactly where you want your Music Production degree to take you. If you take our BA (Hons) Music and Sound Production degree course, you could very well be the next big producer, in the control room at Abbey Road, feet up on the desk, fingering the faders, coaxing a career-best vocal from Billie Eilish or telling Troye Sivan to try it once more just because you wanted to hear it again.

Or, if you take our BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production undergraduate degree, you could very well be the next Joel Corry, gearing up to tour the world. Whichever course you choose, your career options are pretty vast. Let’s take a look at some of them.

What’s the difference between BIMM’s two Music Production undergraduate degrees?


If you’re nuts about equipment and have a knack for getting a killer sound, then a good degree will kick open the door to becoming a studio engineer. As the producer’s right-hand man, you’ll mastermind the gear setup and the recording levels, drawing on everything you’ve learnt on your BIMM course – from mic placement to soundwave integration – to achieve a sound that blows minds (and speakers).


If you like the idea of production – but also fancy a spot of swashbuckling adventure and rampant hedonism – then you’d probably thrive as a live sound engineer. Having learnt the nitty-gritty of PA technology, acoustics and more at BIMM, you’ll hit the road running, controlling the mixing board, leading the soundcheck, fine-tuning the levels during the performance – and getting messy with the band afterwards.


Producing records is a no-brainer – but think a little bigger. There’s music and money to be made in the visual arts, whether that’s editing film soundtracks, composing TV scores or creating the Foley sound effects for a zombie splatter movie. You’ll do all the groundwork on your BIMM course, with modules that cover post-production, location sound, editing, mixing, formats and finishing.


Home and DIY recording might be on the rise, but serious bands will always flock to a studio with an electric atmosphere and great gear. Your BIMM course can help out here, too, sharpening your business acumen and giving you the marketing skills you’ll need to attract bands – while your production chops will help you recruit the house engineers that will make your enterprise fly. Just think: a few years from now, you could be running the next Abbey Road.

Game Audio Designer

With both our courses, you might also jump into being a game audio designer. This is where you’ll create or source audio assets for video games, applications, and operating systems. Imagine being responsible for producing the audio for the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Minecraft and the like. You could even become involved with their developers, like Rockstar Games and Mojang.

VR and Apps

There’s no doubt that an innovative BIMM course will make you future-proof with modules that address everything from DAW to modular software platforms and synthesis. Where you could take that knowledge is tantalising: you might become a software developer for a big boy like Ableton, or strike out solo as an app developer, creating the next GarageBand.

The VR world of music-making is also taking off. The likes of Tribe XR and SYNTHVR are available on Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and Steam Vr, and Korg have also got in on the action with Gadget-VR. And on top of VR apps are VR career opportunities; you could become a VR Sound Effects Specialist or a VR Sound Engineer. There’s no doubt that this is a sector that will grow and grow in the next few years.

Other Potential electronic music production career paths:

  • An Electronic Music Artist
  • DJ

Other Potential music and sound production career paths:

  • Audio Technician
  • Creative Producer

Discover BA (Hons) Music and Sound Production

Discover BA (Hons) Electronic Music Production 

“Studying Music Production is the beginning of many career paths, both creative and technical. So many options will be open to you, from writing and composing to sorting out the technical issues others are having, in a range of different settings. From Hollywood to Berghain, from Glastonbury to Air Studios, music production can open so many doors!”

Christian Huant, Course Leader, Music Production

All our Music Production lecturers have extensive experience in the industry – with many regularly still working in the business. Discover who else you’ll be learning from here.

Choose your own path

At BIMM Institute, we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. That’s why our Music Production undergraduate courses put you in control. First, you’ll learn the necessary employability skills and find where you’ll fit within the industry. Then, you can customise your studies through our range of optional modules.

These are designed to help you become the multifaceted professional the industry is looking for – and ultimately help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Expand your skillset with optional modules, such as:

  • Vocal Capture & Production
  • Creative Mix Technique
  • Digital Performance Skills
  • Game Sound & Music
  • The Art of Mastering

Studying Music Production can take you places you never initially thought. You’ll build your own path to success and launch into a dream career.

Music Production Success Stories

We’re immensely proud that so many BIMM students have become successful music producers and industry professionals – and turned their passion into their career.

Our graduates include:

Head to our BIMM Institute Alumni page to find more.

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