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It’s your future: Beth

23rd July 2024

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Choosing the right university can shape someone’s entire future, and for Beth, Performers College in Essex was the perfect place to turn a passion for musical theatre into a career.

“When I first stepped onto the campus of Performers College in Essex, I knew I had found my home for the next three years. As a young performer with a passion for musical theatre, I had always dreamed of turning my love for the stage into a career. Now, as a 2024 graduate of the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre and Dance programme, I can confidently say that Performers College has equipped me with the skills, experiences, and connections to make that dream a reality.

Discovering My Passion for Musical Theatre

My journey into the world of performing arts started with an amateur dramatics group, The CTC, where I discovered my passion for the stage. Eager to take my hobby to the next level, I completed a Level 3 Diploma in Musical Theatre at Colchester Institute, followed by a one-year foundation course at the CTC college. These experiences solidified my desire to pursue a career in musical theatre, leading me to seek out the best training ground for my aspirations.

Choosing Performers College

The decision to study at Performers College was an easy one. I had attended several open days and was consistently impressed by the vibrant atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities. The “White Box,” an iconic space on campus, along with the expansive studios, provided the perfect environment for honing my craft. Even small details like the on-site car park and comfortable changing rooms made a big difference in my daily life.

But what truly sold me was the sense of community. Whether it was the warm welcome from the staff at Piroueat, the on-site café, or the alumni and tutors who guided me, everyone made me feel welcome. I knew some graduates who spoke highly of their experiences, and after witnessing inspiring performances like MOVE IT, I was certain that Performers College was where I wanted to be.

Moving away from home to pursue my studies was both exciting and daunting. I settled into a newly refurbished 6-bed house just a 7-minute drive from college. While finding accommodation was initially challenging, the college’s accommodation list and my own networking at taster days and open events helped me connect with potential housemates.

graphic quote: As a young performer with a passion for musical theatre, I had always dreamed of turning my love for the stage into a career.

Life at Performers College

Living near Corringham offered the best of both worlds. The small-town charm provided a peaceful setting for my studies, yet London’s vibrant theatre scene was just a 30-minute train ride away. For those much-needed shopping breaks, Lakeside was conveniently located just down the road.

Highlights and Memorable Experiences

My time at Performers College was filled with incredible moments that have shaped me as an artist. A standout memory is being part of MOVE IT 2023, where I performed in the Disney medley “A Whole New World of Alan Menken.” The experience was magical, offering a taste of the professional world I was about to enter.

The quality of training at Performers College is unparalleled. Many of our staff have worked or are still working in the industry, bringing real-world insights into the classroom. Our “Workshop Wednesdays” in the third year were a highlight, featuring guest sessions from industry giants like Skin London, Stuart Glover, and Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures. Working with external creatives like Oli Metzler for La Mode in our 2023 end-of-year show was another defining moment in my growth as a performer.

Performers College understands that becoming a successful artist requires more than just talent—it demands physical and mental resilience. The student support team here is exceptional, offering both pastoral and academic guidance. They were instrumental in helping me with my written work, ensuring I excelled in all aspects of my course.

Additionally, the on-site physiotherapy team played a crucial role in my journey. As a dancer, injuries are often part of the process, but the physio team’s expertise in injury rehabilitation kept me on my feet and back in the studio quickly.

Preparing for a Professional Career

The ultimate test of a performing arts school is how well it prepares you for the industry. In this regard, Performers College has exceeded all expectations. Even before graduation, I was fortunate enough to book a professional job, leading me to leave college early to join the cast of Closer to Heaven at the Turbine Theatre in Battersea. Interestingly, the show is directed by Simon Hardwick, another Performers College graduate, showcasing the strong alumni network that supports us as we transition into our careers.

To anyone considering Performers College, my advice is simple: trust your instincts. Visit as many open and taster days as you can and choose the place that feels right. This industry is tough, but with the resilience and positivity I’ve gained at Performers College, I’m ready to face any challenge. As I embark on what I hope will be a long and fulfilling career in musical theatre, I’ll always look back at my time in Essex as the launchpad for my dreams.”

Performers College has helped to set the stage for an exciting career in musical theatre for Beth.

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