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What Can I do with a Popular Music Performance Degree?

21st April 2021

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Whether your weapon of choice is guitar, bass, drums, keyboard or vocals, there’s no doubt that you’ll become a master of your craft by completing a Performance degree. However, did you know that our BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance course offers so much more?

You’ll explore aspects such as technique, performance, theory and technology so that you can walk into the industry and flourish. You’ll also have the chance to tailor your course to your own artistic and career aims through optional modules such as songwriting, composing, arranging, session skills, and many more. Let’s explore some avenues you could take after doing a Performance degree. 

Creative Performer

Owning your craft is the dream of many. And as a creative performer, you’ll write, perform and record music – either solo or as part of a band. You’ll most likely face regular rehearsals, in-studio recording sessions, and performances in front of live audiences. And with our degree under your belt, you’ll feel immensely confident as a performer. You’ll learn how to hone your technique and find your niche as a performer, as well as receive regularly guided feedback from our expert lecturers.

Session Musician/Specialist

As a session musician, you’ll also perform with solo artists and bands and often work in studios. However, the major difference between this career and a creative performer is that you often play or sing what others have written. 

This is an excellent career choice if you like the sound of being on the road and dipping in and out of groups, tours and recording sessions. Versatility is key in this role as the more able you are to adapt, the more work is available to you. You could end up being a season specialist on a film soundtrack, tv advert, an ident, a demo song, etc. Good thing we teach you all about being versatile in our undergraduate course, then. 

Backing Vocalist

If you take our Vocals strand, being a backing vocalist is an exciting career option. With the key in the name, this role provides vocal backing for a lead singer live or in a recording. You might provide harmonies, sing phrases, or provide the build-up to the main vocals – sometimes solo and sometimes with other singers and musicians. 

Depending on the job, you might work with a variety of people, such as a producer, engineer, vocal arranger or vocal contractor. We prep you for these kinds of interactions at BIMM so that collaboration comes naturally to you. During your time with us, you’ll regularly collaborate with many people and disciplines thanks to our unique creative community. 

Music Teacher

When you become an absolute pro at what you do, there’s nothing better than passing your skills onto the next generation. And that’s a genuine possibility once you have a Performance degree under your belt. 

Whether it’s teaching in schools, universities or privately, you’ll have all you need to inspire and make someone fall in love with their instrument or singing ability. Find out what it’s like to become a music teacher here.  

Other Potential Performance Career Paths:

  • Commercial Band Performer
  • Academic

Discover BMus (Hons) Popular Music Performance

Choose Your Own Path with Popular Music Performance

At BIMM Institute, we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. That’s why our Popular Music Performance undergraduate course puts you in control. First, you’ll learn the necessary employability skills. Then you can customise your studies through our range of optional modules.

We designed our optional modules to help you become the multifaceted professional the industry is looking for. You’ll expand your knowledge in other areas as well as refine your course to a particular focus. Ultimately, our courses help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Expand your skill set with optional modules such as:

  • Performance Skills
  • Digital Music
  • Applied Performance
  • Creative Technology

Studying Popular Music Performance can take you places you never initially thought. You’ll build your own path to success and launch into a dream career.

Popular Music Performance Success Stories

We’re immensely proud that so many BIMM students have become successful performers, vocalists and music industry professionals – and turned their passion into their career.

Our Popular Music Performance graduates include:

Head to our BIMM Institute Alumni page to find out more.

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