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What Can I do with a Songwriting Degree?

21st April 2021

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Becoming a successful songwriter is the ultimate goal with a Songwriting degree. It might be for yourself or for others in the industry. However, our BMus (Hons) Songwriting undergraduate course gives you the chance to take on roles that haven’t even crossed your mind yet – and become the multifaceted professional that the industry needs.

Our Songwriting course covers fundamentals like publishing, lyrics and production aspects so that you’re prepared to take on all aspects of the business. Let’s look at a selection of roles you can do with a Songwriting degree:

Commercial Songwriter

Think of your favourite song. Chances are it’s up there because of the lyrics and melody. Legends like Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder, and Joni Mitchell all knew how to resonate with any audience by using these tools.

With our degree, you’ll learn all you need to perfect your craft, find your niche and own the industry as they did. You can walk into a career as a staff writer or work freelance writing lyrics, creating jingles or backing tracks. Whichever avenue you choose, you’ll have all you need to meet with clients and produce both meaningful and commercially successful songs.

Production Music Writer

Drawing on the skills you’ve learnt with a Songwriting course, you’ll be able to compose music that’s sold or licensed to a Production Music Library. This means you very well might end up hearing your work on TV shows, adverts, radio and films. Not bad, right? Plus, you’ll have the skills to write incredible music across a variety of genres. And the bonus? There’s the potential to earn a lot of royalties!

TV/Film Composer

How amazing to be watching a movie and suddenly hear YOUR piece? Composing music for film and TV is an accessible path with a Songwriting degree, as you’ll learn all about the relevant technology and how to combine it with music theory, practice, and emotion.

Film and TV composers can write the themes and background scores for whole pieces. Whether you want to travel all around the world or head straight to Hollywood, you’ll find plenty of opportunities within movies, TV or animation-based productions.

Recording Artist

Of course, writing and performing your own material is also an option. On our Songwriting course, you’ll develop your own style, find your niche as a songwriter, and have plenty of chances to collaborate and perform with other talented musicians.

You’ll also explore how to take inspiration from the broader arts such as theatre and contemporary art to create your own artistic vision – skills that will help you tremendously in becoming a recording artist. Who knows, finding inspiration from the likes of Bille Eilish, Halsey, Ariana Grande or Post Malone can be what you need to become the next big, award-winning artist.

Other Potential Songwriting Career Paths:

  • Songwriting Producer
  • Video Game Composer

Discover BMus (Hons) Songwriting

Choose Your Own Path with Songwriting

At BIMM Institute, we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. That’s why our Songwriting undergraduate course puts you in control. First, you’ll learn the necessary employability skills. Then you can customise your studies through our range of optional modules.

We designed our optional modules to help you become the multifaceted professional the industry is looking for. You’ll expand your knowledge in other areas as well as refine your course to a particular focus. Ultimately, our courses help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Expand your skillset with optional modules such as:

  • Complimentary Instrument Skills for Songwriters
  • Youth, Music and Social Change
  • Electroacoustic Composition
  • Diversity in the Creative Industries
  • Songwriting Portfolio

Studying Songwriting can take you places you never initially thought. You’ll build your own path to success and launch into a dream career.

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Songwriting Success Stories

We’re immensely proud that so many BIMM students have become successful songwriters and music industry professionals – and turned their passion into their career.

Our Songwriting graduates include:

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