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What can I do with a Music Marketing, Media & Communication degree?

22nd April 2021

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In a notoriously competitive modern music industry, a BA (Hons) Music Marketing, Media and Communication Degree could give you the edge – or provide the springboard into a fistful of exciting related careers. Let’s explore five of them…


Well, obviously. There are opportunities out there for talented writers with a fresh voice, whether you choose the relative security of an in-house staff job or the eat-what-you-kill existence of a freelancer. A good MMMC degree will ensure you hit the ground running, giving you a grounding in such core industry skill-sets as law, ethics, research techniques and propping up the bar.


You might start out waving a dictaphone under the noses of slurring tattooed maniacs, but there’s nothing to stop you segueing into ‘grown-up’ journalism and grilling slippery MPs on their healthcare reforms (a move made by writers like Q’s John Harris).

Likewise, the wider media chops you’ll pick up on a MMMC degree will make it easier to transition into radio, TV or publishing, like one-time NME gunslinger Stuart Maconie and ex-Melody Maker scribe Caitlin Moran.


For a music media graduate to morph into a press officer is one of the most common and accepted professional leaps. Although you’ll now be working on the other side of the fence – protecting the interests of artists instead of trying to get them to cough up a juicy soundbite – many of the skills you’ve picked up on your degree will still serve you well, from writing engaging press releases to pitching interviews with your roster to editors.


Chances are, as a budding music writer, you’re imagining your work appearing in the big print monthlies like Mojo, Q and Classic Rock – but don’t discount more corporate avenues, who also need writers and will often pay well for their services.

Drawing on the skills you’ve learnt, you could write a festival programme, the web copy for a guitar manufacturer, the sleevenotes for a new album, the social media updates for a record label or the online bio for a breaking band. The industry might be changing – but everybody still needs words…


Speaking of words, you could also become a Social Media Manager. Using all the skills you’ve learned on your course, you’ll be able to write, schedule and strategise content for an artist’s or music company’s social pages. You’ll also provide excellent customer service and be the ‘voice’ of a band, brand or organisation – and managing any trolls or keyboard warriors.

It might sound daunting virtually interacting with large audiences, but our MMMC course will teach you all you need to boost engagement, run campaigns, generate leads and effectively manage social media accounts in the music business.

Other Potential Career Paths:

  • Radio Broadcaster
  • PR Executive

Discover BA (Hons) Music Marketing, Media and Communication

If you’re torn between Music Business, Event Management or Music Marketing, Media & Communication, this might help.

Choose your own path

At BIMM Institute, we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. That’s why our MMMC undergraduate course puts you in control. First, you’ll learn the necessary employability skills. Then, you can customise your studies through our range of optional modules to focus on the route that best fits your career aspirations.

We design our optional modules to help you become the multifaceted professional the industry wants. You can expand your knowledge in other areas as well as refine your course to a particular focus. Ultimately, our courses help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Expand your skill set with optional modules, such as:

  • Mobile Technology & Music
  • Fans & Social Media Influencers
  • Artists Development & PR
  • Fashion & Music
    Digital Arts & Branding
  • Business Ethics & Music Law

Studying MMMC can take you places you never initially thought. With our course, you can build your own path to success and launch into a dream career.

Find out more about our BA (Hons) Music Marketing, Media and Communication Degree. Alternatively, our friendly Admissions Team is here to answer any questions you may have about our courses or the application process. Find out more here, or contact our Admissions Team on 0344 2 646 666 or through email at [email protected]


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