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Our Tips For Building Confidence at BIMM 👌

7th August 2019


Starting out in higher education can be really overwhelming, especially if you’ve moved somewhere new. It can take a while to feel as though you’re settled in somewhere, so here are a few steps to help you on your way!

Make Your Student House Feel Homely

You don’t have to spend lots of money to make a room feel like your own. If you can, bring some things from your own home with you – pictures, bedding or ornaments – can be a great comfort if you’re homesick. Enjoy the decorating process! For some people, unpacking and decorating can be really tedious. However, I found that each year I moved into a new room it was really fun decorating it in different ways. As long as you can return the room to its former glory, get creative! If you like the space you are living in, the transition will be easier.

Build Your Own Support Network

Think about the people you’re surrounding yourself with. Studying in higher education can be really challenging at times – especially if you are away from your usual support network. So, make sure you have people you know you can rely on. The people you are around can really mould your time at BIMM, so make sure they influence you in a positive way. Be sure you like who you are when you’re around them.

For some tips on making friends check out our Do’s and Don’ts here.

Check In With Yourself

Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Don’t feel pressure to be at every event or every night out. Make sure you’re looking after yourself. Eating well and getting enough rest are things that can easily get forgotten, especially during Freshers Week! Definitely get involved with activities, but they don’t have to just be night-time events. Look out for things to do in the day, get involved with Freshers events but know your limits. Have a night in if you need to. Remember, you don’t have to be on a night out to socialise.

Manage Your Money Wisely

The day that student loan drops it can be really tempting to go out and blow your money away. Be sensible, you really don’t want to be a month down the line burnt out and with no money to keep you going until the next drop. Make a budget and use technology to your advantage. We’ve got a great guide to money management apps for you to read here.

Explore Your City and Find Your Favourite Spots

Go out exploring and spend time seeing what your city has to offer. It is going to be your home for at least three years, so explore as much of it as you can! Find your own favourite places to hang out or work. It doesn’t cost money to go for a walk and enjoy your surroundings, but it can really help with cabin fever. Each BIMM city has its own gems, so look out for our Freshers’ Guides soon.

Check In Back Home

In the wise words of E.T. ‘Phone Home’. Don’t forget to stay in contact with your family or friends, but find a balance that works for you. Homesickness can be really horrible and if you know you’ll be speaking to support soon it can ease that feeling slightly. Give yourself a chance to settle in and don’t become reliant on going home too much. I found it was really helpful to always have a trip home planned, but I gave myself at least a month between trips during my first year to get used to living in a new city.

Try Anything

BIMM is the perfect place to get hands-on experience in the music industry. The best way to build confidence is to just try as much as you can. It is likely you will change your mind on what you want to do lots of times whilst at BIMM. The best way to find what suits you is to throw yourself in to work experience. You will get to meet so many different people and keep yourself busy whilst still being productive. Get involved with societies and clubs at the BIMM Student Association, and try anything whilst the chance is there.


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