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How To Make Friends In Berlin

26th April 2017

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At BIMM Berlin, we understand that starting at university is an adventure that begins with making a whole bunch of new friends. Fortunately for you, Berliners are a notoriously sociable and artistic group, so here’s our best advice for meeting new people and building your support network in the city.

Join a band – It’s a great way to get to know like-minded people in Berlin. Take a look at our notice board at Noisy – there are loads of ‘Musicians Wanted’ ads, so you’re sure to find other artists on your wavelength. If you’re a Music Business or Music Production student, it’s still worth getting in touch: every act needs a manager and a producer!

Start a language tandem – if your German skills are a little rusty, you can start a tandem with someone hoping to study your language. You can meet with your learning partner as often as you both like, and take it in turns to speak each other’s native tongue. You’ll be amazed at how many people you’ll have the opportunity to get to know through this (just make sure to stay safe and meet in a neutral location, such as a coffee shop, the first time). Alternatively, if you’d rather have professional language instruction, you can join a group class at any number of schools – there’s bound to be a course near you.

Be involved – you already have a ready-made support network at BIMM Berlin, so take advantage of it! Put yourself out there and get involved with fellow students’ projects – there are a wealth of opportunities you could be part of which are, not only a great way to build friendships, but also hugely beneficial in terms of practical experience in the industry. Why not join our Lamplight event or Basement Bash which was created by some of our students and make friends over some live music?

Work hard – if you feel that you have the time and it wouldn’t interfere with your studies, getting a job or taking on an internship is a foolproof way to meet new people (and boost your CV!). Just be sure to double check your visa requirements – feel free to contact our Student Support Team if you need any further information on legal matters, or speak to our Careers Advisor if you need any advice on constructing your Lebenslauf.

Get out of your comfort zone – staying in bed watching Netflix and generally being a potato isn’t going to help. Starting a new hobby is always a good idea! If you’ve wanted to try yoga, there are endless studios to choose from; or you could try joining an art class or book club.

Don’t forget, you can always contact our Student Support Team at any time if you need a chat. They’re available at [email protected] or on 0049 (0) 30 3119 9186 and will be more than happy to support you with whatever it is you need help with.



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