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5 Top Tips For BIMM Students

18th October 2018

Welcome to higher education. You’re gonna love it. After 18 years of being micromanaged by overbearing parents and teachers, you’re finally in charge of your own destiny, free to shave your head, dye your beard, play speed-metal all night and wear underwear for six consecutive days. At BIMM, we take a hands-off approach and let you run your own life. But before you dive headlong into your new course, here’s a few tips to help you get the most from your time here.

Check your email

We need to be able to contact you without hiring a bounty hunter to trawl the city’s drinking holes. Your BIMM email is where you’ll pick up everything from course notifications to gig news. If you never log in, you’ll miss out on a ton of good stuff.


BIMM students come in all shapes and sizes, but the common factor is a borderline obsession with music. Get out there and socialise, not just with the students on your course, but across the entire college. You’ll make the best friends of your life – who just happen to be the future power-players of tomorrow’s music industry.

Book tutorials

With our expert tutors ready to open up their heads and let you pick their giant, throbbing brains, you’d be mad to miss out on BIMM’s tutorials. And remember: whatever your course, our fluid system lets you change tracks and drop into a related tutorial – from music business to publishing – for a quick shot of career-boosting knowledge. Book your place on Moodle or speak to your reception team.

Grab every opportunity

If you find yourself twiddling your thumbs at BIMM, you’re not doing it right. Beyond your core modules, there are priceless opportunities a go-go, and it’s your duty to jump in and gold-plate your CV. Between the work placements, masterclasses – and even football leagues and quiz nights – Countdown is not an option.

Sign up to BIMM Connect

Forget Facebook – the only social network you need to join is BIMM Connect. Letting you browse jobs, ask industry-related questions, showcase your work and link with over 2500 current students, alumni and staff, this is the place for progressing your career, not posting cat videos.


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