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Our Guide to Money Management Apps đź’µ

2nd July 2019


Whilst you are a student, money can sometimes come in ebbs and flows. Managing your money well whilst it flows can really pay off when you find yourself low on funds. No matter your spending habits, whether you’re a big saver or a big spender, there are lots of ways you can manage your finances sensibly.

We’ve got a list of some apps that can help you on your way!


Splitwise is a great app in which you can create groups or events so that all users can see who owes money and for what. It’s particularly useful for splitting utility bills with your housemates. A more cost-effective way of doing this is through an app that splits costs for you, especially when it is not limited to just bills. Splitwise is completely free and available on both IOS and Android.

Monzo or Starling Bank

Digital banks such as Monzo and Starling Bank have become so huge in the past few years, and there’s several reasons for that. Remember, it’s important to research which digital bank/s will be most suited to you. These apps are great as they offer such convenient budgeting, and unlike traditional banks you don’t need to download a separate app to see a breakdown of your spending. Monzo is great for notifying you of your spending habits and can even predict if your budget will last for the rest of the month. A big bonus for Monzo and Starling is they can also be used abroad!


Cleo is a really useful app if you’re looking for a convenient way to save money or budget. The app is completely free and secure, it doesn’t have access to your bank accounts but gets an overview of your transactions and balances. Cleo is an AI that acts as a chat bot overlooking your finances and advises you on how to stick to budget. You can also set up a wallet and she will put aside money each month for you to save. We live in a digital age where it’s very easy to spend money without feeling like you’re actually spending money. Cleo is a great app for making you feel accountable for your spending habits. You can even go so far as to message Cleo and ask if you should buy pizza, or ask her to roast you or hype you – the options are endless!

Too Good to Go

There are plenty of apps out there like Too Good to Go where you can get discounted food. Too Good to Go is the number one app for fighting food waste. They offer a service where local shops can sell the food that will go to waste at the end of the day at a discounted price. This app is a double whammy as not only are you doing good by helping reduce food waste, but also saving your own money by buying discounted products.


Wally is an excellent app for a really stripped back, simple way of budgeting. It is super handy as it also deals with foreign currency, which is really helpful if you’re travelling or spend time abroad a lot. One of the highlights of Wally, is that you can save pictures of receipts and keep track of your spending easily. You can also use Wally to track spending in groups, and work on budgeting as a household or as part of a project. Wally is free but offers Add-Ons you can opt to pay for if you want to boost productivity.

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Ells Sivakumaran

Ells has recently completed a BA (Hons) Events Management Degree at BIMM Brighton, and has experience working in live events, social media and marketing.