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Behind the Screen: Hana Cox, Production Design Student

4th April 2024

Welcome to another instalment of Screen and Film School’s interview series, Behind the Screen, where we chat with our talented students and graduates to explore their creative journeys so far.

This week, our focus shifts to the journey of Hana Cox, a second-year student enrolled in our Production Design for Screen & Film degree based in Brighton.

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In recent times, there’s been a significant increase in the demand for proficient production design graduates who possess essential creative, logistical, and production expertise, ready to enter the industry. Our production design degree provides students like Hana with the ideal platform to thrive upon completing their studies. Join us as we explore her journey, the wisdom she’s acquired, and her aspirations for the future of her career.

Student Insight

Why did you decide to study Production Design at Screen and Film School?

I chose to study Production Design at Screen and Film School as I liked the freedom that was given in terms of exploring my creative interests. Originally, I wasn’t sure what subject area I wanted to get into. There are so many specialisms within the industry and I was looking for a course that could provide the opportunity for me to explore those.

What filmmaking experience did you have before enrolling on the course?

Before I started my degree I had some industry experience working for a few months at BBC Eastenders. Though the opportunity for me to continue working their full time was offered, I still wanted the time to explore my options and develop my skills in a more comfortable way. I had also done a foundation course at Elstree Screen Arts which was what really inspired me to get into the art department.

What has been your favourite experience so far?

Overall, I’ve enjoyed my studies a lot, but I think that going into the second year, being able to be more hands on with our studies and focusing on the practical side of Production Design has been so amazing! I have really been enjoying the industry visitors as well. Getting to speak to people with real and exciting experiences is always brilliant, this includes my lecturers. Finally, getting to collaborate with people across the school has been really fun. Working with the people on my course has been such a wonderful experience- so lovely that the thought of graduating has become very bittersweet!

What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ll take from the course?

Being able to organise work and play has been incredibly insightful. I found it’s so important to be able to balance the workload we receive and keep up with personal relationships and day-to-day work in general. Understanding how manage projects collaboratively wasn’t necessarily something I struggled with before but just by putting it into practice I can see how much I’ve learnt, it’s been very rewarding.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the near future?

Personally, I’d love to get into graphic props, however the sky is the limit. Hopefully I will be able to get experience in a handful of areas within the art department.

What advice would you give to students joining the course?

Being passionate about the subject is incredibly important. It is a full-on course and I know that my peers and I are being pushed hard to be skilled and well educated. Learning about production design has been such a great experience and even from when I first started my love for it has grown massively. So I would just say get yourself a diary/planner, watch as many films as you can, find inspiration everywhere and you’ll do really well.



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