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Alumni Interview: Jimmy Lobe – Sound Designer

29th April 2021

Jimmy Lobe is a graduate from Screen and Film School, Brighton who specialises in sound.

He first discovered his love for this area while studying a foundation degree in Music Production, where he took particular interest in a module called ‘Sound for the Moving Image’. This led to him enrolling as a mature student on our BA (Hons) Filmmaking Degree, from which he graduated in 2019.

We caught up with Jimmy to hear about his time at the Film School as well as his more recent projects.

Hi Jimmy! What was the most significant thing you learned whilst studying at Screen and Film School?

The importance every single person has in a film crew. Like clockwork, every member of the crew is vital for a film to come together. If any of the department heads, assistants or runners drop the ball, this can slow down a production. So, everyone is counting on you to do your best. It is incredibly gratifying when everyone finds their rhythm (it can sometimes take a day or two) and work as a team!

What’s the most significant thing you’ve learned since graduating from Screen and Film School?

That the learning aspect of filmmaking doesn’t stop when you graduate. Pretty much every shoot or project I have been on since graduating has allowed me to keep improving and polishing my skills on and off set. Also, preparation is key! Every shoot is different. Therefore, being prepared (research, communicate with director, etc) helps.

Can you tell us about any projects you’ve been involved with since graduating?

I recently worked on a few documentaries. One for an independent Brighton Artist that has worked on a piece inspired by the mental struggles of the pandemic.

The other documentary was for the Brighton Council where we conducted interviews and filmed different areas around Brighton and East Brighton areas. This documentary was great as it had many layers of complexity. This was the first time I conducted interviews, recorded a professional voice over, sound designed and composed music for a project. It was a great learning experience and we got great feedback for it, which is always appreciated.

Can you tell us a little about any upcoming film projects you’ve been involved with?

The most recent work I have done was a four-day shoot for a short film. It was great to work with people who are a bit more seasoned in their craft, and if I am honest, quite the confidence booster to know that I can apply what I have learned at Screen and Film School in a professional set and come out on the other side feeling like I did a good job.

What do you enjoy most about being a Sound Designer?

It may sound silly (no pun intended) but I love taking sounds and making them sound like something completely different. For example, I recently worked on a short film that had a scene with rain in it and decided to record frying bacon and mix that to the point that it sounded like actual rain. The creative possibilities as a sound designer are endless and it is up to me (with the director’s blessing of course) how far I can stretch and manipulate sounds.

Which directors/filmmakers/Sound designers do you admire the most (and why?)

My favourite sound designer is Richard King. He has won Oscars and Baftas for two films that represent the level of dedication, imagination and overall excellence I aspire to have in the near future – ‘Dunkirk’ and ‘The Dark Knight’. As a sound editor, the attention to detail and the lengths he goes to tell a story are nothing but incredible. 

Are there any particular roles you aspire to take up in the TV and Film industry?

I would like to experience working in a professional mixing studio for film (not music) and a foley studio.



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