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Alumni Interview: Home Picture Films

7th April 2021

Before applying to study on our BA (Hons) Filmmaking (Top-Up Route), Connor Kinsey had studied Moving Image at UOB and Phillipe Thuery had spent many years studying Law.

Now, as graduates from Screen and Film School Brighton, the pair are Co-Producers for Home Picture Films – a Brighton based film production company whose most recent work has seen them creating music videos for British Independent record label, Bella Union.

We caught up with the duo to hear about Home Pictures’ inner workings as well as their future plans.

What are each of your roles at Home Picture Films at what do they each involve?  

Connor: I’m a Co-Producer at Home Picture Films and given my background, I usually take the directorial position and help script our works before pitching and presenting to clients.

Phillipe: I’m a Co-Producer as well. I hit the red button while Connor directs. I help develop ideas and work on pitches. We do the fun admin and logistic stuff together. As a DOP my role involves watching movies and looking at photography and art books. I enjoy storyboarding, shot listing, drawing up diagrams and floor plans. I like operating the camera too. 

How did your collaborative relationship first come about?

Connor: I transferred to Screen Film School in the third year and didn’t know anybody. I think I may have been the first person in the year group to submit a screenplay – just to get the feelers for who was proactive really. Luckily for me, Philippe messaged me almost in an instant and said we should discuss it further. Since that first meeting, we’ve worked on four short films and eight music videos together.

Phillipe: I thought anyone brave enough to wear a trench coat and pull it off is someone I’d follow into battle.

How would you describe Home Picture’s ‘house style’?

Phillipe: So, Home Pictures produces narrative films, music videos, and we are branching out to commercials and branded content as well. I’m aware this will sound pretentious, but we’re aiming for a strong visual identity. We try to be bold in our choices of framing and lighting. We’re always thinking about visual language for each film we make and every shot we shoot, whether that be a narrative, a doc, or a music video. That doesn’t mean everything looks the same, but we try to be deliberate in every choice we make, using that as a foundation to craft the best film we possibly can.

Can you list some of Home Picture’s previous clients?

Connor: As a very new production company, we are currently only working with one client which involves eight music videos being produced. We’ve been very busy with those but are currently in discussions with other potential clients and actively reaching out to businesses. In the past we also shot a short narrative film Co-Produced by Progress Film Co. that is currently being prepped for festival season.

How did the relationship with Bella Union come about?

Connor: I was fortunate enough to have studied performing music under Justin Welch of Elastica, Suede and Piroshka, and we always stayed in contact (there’s always an opportunity to network). Justin is signed with Bella Union and he put us in touch with the label. They’ve been really great to work with so far and it’s nice to work with a local company that’s big on the map.

How has the 2020 pandemic affected your work?

Phillipe: I was in France for most of the pandemic, so nearly the entirety of our work with Home Picture Films was done over Zoom, WeTransfer and TeamViewer. Shoots have been tricky, especially as I’m a stickler for rules and Health & Safety. Post-production has proven to be difficult as well. But we’re glad to have been able to do this and are thankful for every opportunity we’ve had for work. Now that we’re both in the same place, we expect things to go smoother for the next projects coming up.

What does the future hold for Home Picture Films?

Connor: I’d like to say that myself and Philippe are really forward thinking and we do spend time outside of current projects, developing pitch documents for campaigns that really move us. We have written features for future use but right now we are concentrating on social issues that move us such as climate change, mental health and social equality.



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