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Networking 101: Building connections in the industry during your Master’s

21st May 2024

Oh, networking…  The very word can strike fear into the heart of any creative, no matter your level of experience. However, nobody understands more than a filmmaker how important this daunting task can be and the impact it can have on your career trajectory.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with our dedicated Creative Futures Careers team to bring you their top five tips on making the most of networking opportunities. With their expert guidance, we hope you’ll feel empowered to navigate the world of networking with confidence and ease.

From industry mentorship to collaborative projects, we’re here to ensure that your master’s journey is not only educational but also enriching in terms of professional connections and opportunities.

Say YES to a jam-packed schedule

While studying your MA, there’s a lot to squeeze into a short space of time! Wherever possible, make the most of extracurricular workshops, training, networking, masterclasses and industry opportunities; these are the best places to make connections, grow your network, and give your CV a boost.

In the past year alone, our MA students have had masterclasses with amazing guests, such as writer/director Emerald Fennell (Saltburn, Promising Young Woman), DOP Seamus McGarvey (The Greatest Showman, Atonement, Nocturnal Animals) and art director Caroline Barclay (The Favourite, The Essex Serpent).

Excitingly, some of our MA students recently had the opportunity to visit the ARRI Volume in London. Throughout the day, students learnt about virtual production technologies, as well as attending talks and workshops.

These are just a handful of the great opportunities that students at Screen and Film School get to experience.

Make the most of mentors

Industry mentors are such an exciting and valuable part of the MA course. These professionals are plugged directly into the Screen and Film industries, can offer amazing careers advice, and maybe even support you in finding work opportunities and experience. Make the most of it!

Be part of the Screen and Film School culture

As part of BIMM University, Screen and Film School students are surrounded by other talented creatives, with a wide variety of specialist skills in the creative arts that are vital to enhancing their projects. MA students that make the most of their time at Screen and Film School will seek opportunities to meet and work with other students. You’ll find that our undergraduate students will jump at the chance to collaborate with you on a Masters film production.

You’ll also find a wealth of knowledge and experience among our teaching staff – as successful industry professionals themselves, you’d be crazy not to say hello.

One of the great things about BIMM University is that, although you have access to a huge creative network, you are part of a small cohesive community – we love that tutors and staff get to know you personally. It’s hugely beneficial to your studies, career development and professional outlook.

Seek careers advice

As your dedicated Creative Futures Careers team, we’re here to support you. We love meeting with students to discuss career paths, CVs, cover letters, networking tips, interviews, and more. You can reach out any time to book a one-to-one and get tailored advice from us.

Stay in the loop

After you complete your studies with us at Screen and Film School, you are always part of our extended family, and become an SFS alum. We like to keep in touch with you, to find out what you’re up to, but also to offer support. Graduates pop in for one-to-ones all the time, and we’re proud to continue this support even after you leave us.

By staying in our network, you’re also able to hear about any job opportunities that come up – another great reason to come and say hello while you’re studying.


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