BIMM University Music and Film students attending COP28

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BIMM University Music and Film students attend COP28

20th February 2024

Students from BIMM University recently had the opportunity to travel to Dubai as part of the ‘We Are The Possible’ project at COP28.

This powerful initiative, spanning music, theatre, poetry, and visual arts, aims to directly address policymakers and the public about the importance of science, education, and the arts and how they can help steer us towards a greener future.

Among the participants were Daisy Gibbons from BIMM Music Institute Bristol and Jacob Perrin from Screen and Film School Manchester, who were tasked with capturing the experience for an upcoming documentary. We caught up with them to find out more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

BIMM University Music and Film students on stage as participants of the 'We Are The Possible' project at COP28.

Student experience

What was it like to collaborate with students from different faculties at BIMM University for this project?

Jacob: Collaborating with BIMM Music Institute professionally was a rewarding experience, as I felt I could truly offer something of value to them through my content, especially regarding the documentary. The BIMM University students and staff that I visited Dubai with were all fantastic individuals, each one talented, unique, and great company.

I can’t imagine what the trip would have been like if even one of these individuals hadn’t attended. Every single person on the trip was an absolute joy to be around, and it was a fantastic feeling to see them all crush their performances on stage. I hope the wild ride of emotions we faced on the trip are accurately conveyed in my upcoming documentary.

Daisy: It was amazing to meet and work with other students and alumni with a lot more experience than me; they taught me a lot during the project. I think it is so valuable to learn to work well with other people as we will be doing this for the rest of our careers.

What was your favourite part of the process?

Jacob: My favourite part of the process by far was shooting ‘run and gun’ interviews with the musicians after each performance. To immortalise their energy on camera was a privilege, as the positive vibes and well-earned pride they all radiated were unlike any other.

The culmination of nerves, passion, and success made for some very raw and honest interviews, and the evolution of each musician, even after just 5 days, was absolutely extraordinary.

Daisy: My favourite memory was watching the performers take to the stage for the first time at Extreme Hangout, after seeing how hard they all worked to get there. They care so much about the Earth, and trying to make a difference with their music.

Why is collaboration so important in the creative industries?

Jacob: Collaboration, particularly in the Film and Music industries, is absolutely vital.

Although one could create their own films or music alone, I think it is clear that the best art is created when several like-minded individuals bring their own unique ideas, passion and love together for a project. Film and Music go hand in hand, with the two only enhancing one another, and I think this is one of the reasons such fantastic music videos are produced not only by chart-topping musicians but students and newcomers too.

I encourage everyone, no matter their level or field, to at least converse with other artists who practise other art forms. You never know the inspiration or help you will offer one another.

What are your top tips for successful collaboration?

Jacob: When it comes to collaboration, I find kindness and understanding go a long way; no matter whether you’ve known your collaborator for 10 years or 10 minutes, everyone deserves to be treated with respect. By creating a work environment where everyone feels respected, the work process will be far more comfortable, and people will, in turn, produce their best work.

Daisy: My number one top tip for successful collaboration is to always be kind! This will get you so far in life. As well as this, being able to communicate well is very important, including being able to actively listen to everyone’s ideas. Finally, try to enjoy the process; instead of focusing on the outcome, relax and have fun!

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