My #LifeAtBIMM: Danielle Reginiano

26th July 2018

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Introduce yourself…

I am Danielle Reginiano and I studied Music Business at BIMM Brighton.

Can you tell us a bit about the roles you took on whilst studying at BIMM?

For me when starting this course, it was important for me to get stuck in and be open to as many opportunities that came my way. I wanted to try as many roles as possible to learn what areas I want to go into and areas I don’t. In first year, Suzi Ireland invites people to take part in promoting their own live shows and from then myself and a group of friends started Ten Tonne Promotions. We decided not to carry on after 2 shows independent from BIMM.

I then was involved in helping set up Pool Valley Recordings, which took a year to fully set up and to develop our team into the working unit it is today. Here I  became Head of A&R and this came with responsibility of providing my team with opportunities of possible signees, whilst also acting as a liaison to artists that need a little more development. Pool Valley Recordings was a constant tool for learning and gaining experience from a real-world perspective.

In my spare time, I also worked for an independent wrestling company based in Brighton called Riptide Wrestling. My role here was to act as Talent Liaison, ensuring that there is communication with the wrestlers about arrival times and any travel issues, whilst also ensuring that accommodation is ready. During the show I sold Riptide’s merchandise, which gave me the chance to interact with the audience.

I was lucky to take on the role of Artist Liaison for The Great Escape Festival 2017, Bad Pond Festival 2018 and 2000 Trees Festival 2018. I like the role of Artist Liaison because I become the person that they go to if they have any issues. I also am able to ensure that the artists are on stage on time, whilst communicating with the stage crew.

At the Great Escape 2018, I was offered to take on a more important role, Production Manager for BIMM’s street performances. I had to book the artists and liaise with those running The Great Escape. This was a great highlight of my second year, as I gained more responsibility and organisational skills. I had 3 performance locations and a team of people to help ensure that everything ran smoothly. I had to learn to adapt with any sound complications; I was lucky to have friends that were able to help with tackling these issues, but also from first year’s live sound lessons, I was able to put my own knowledge to the test.

In 2018 I also interned for Victorious Festival 2018 as Assistant Festival Director at the World Music Village Stage. From my work with BIMM’s street performances, I was able to put what I had learnt from that into this internship. Similarly, I am working on ensuring artist’s sign the contracts, working with invoices and collecting assets for promotional purposes for each artist.

What was your favourite opportunity?

My favourite work experience has to be The Great Escape 2018. Mainly because it was my chance to show what I can do, to put all the knowledge I have learnt so far at BIMM, into practice.

Did these opportunities help you find out the future career paths you might go down?

These opportunities have definitely helped with me gaging what career paths I would want to follow. As my line of work is mainly artist orientated, it is helping me put a portfolio together of experience.

Any advice for new students about how they can get involved?

Here you are able to learn to be your best self. Whatever career path you decide to take, there are so many experts to bounce ideas off and again, the careers team are able to help you find those opportunities and help guide you onto the career path you choose. It is important to remember that you will get out what you put in. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in. There is also a peer mentoring scheme with Student Support for any first years who might want to speak to current students and ask advice. I will be part of this year’s peer mentors, so do approach me if you need to ask any questions.