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BIMM University music and film students collaborate to create music videos

11th January 2024

At the heart of BIMM University is a thriving community of creatives who share a passion for pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, game developer, or performer, you’ll find a place to apply and extend your specialism in our dynamic community.

‘Together We Create’ isn’t just a slogan – it’s a living testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the BIMM experience. It’s about forging connections, amplifying ideas, and bringing dreams to life through collective effort.

The creation of music videos is inherently collaborative: it sees the skills of musicians and filmmakers coming together to visually explore the world of a song.

In Semester 1 at BIMM University, we connect first-year filmmakers with second and third-year Popular Music Performance students to translate song to screen. Over the course of a few weeks, they work together to produce high-quality music videos. For our Filmmaking students, the final project forms part of the assessment for the first-year module Short Film 1.

This process is incredibly valuable for musicians and filmmakers alike. It allows both groups to explore the work of other creatives and expand their network at the same time. The module also replicates the authentic industry experience of producing music videos, allowing musicians and filmmakers to showcase their unique skillsets. The module culminates in a two-day music video shoot.

Artist and filmmakers networking session

To get the process underway, students from both courses came together for casual networking sessions. The second and third-year music students performed their tracks and gave details about how the song came to be. The filmmakers then had the opportunity to ask the artists questions, ultimately getting the information they needed to build their pitches.

Filmmakers pitch their music video concepts to the artists

Following the networking session, the filmmakers worked on developing pitches for their chosen artists. The winner of the pitch would become the director of the music video and bring their concept to life. Coursemates whose pitches were not selected would form part of the crew, taking on diverse roles such as cinematographers, camera assistants, producers and runners.

“I thought the pitching process was really exciting. I really liked how my ideas as a filmmaker and the ideas of the artists came together. We had so many ideas for what we could do. Working together with other creative students to make something great was definitely the best part of the process.”

Morgan Hornsby, BA (Hons) Filmmaking, Screen and Film School

Shooting the music videos

After production meetings, sourcing locations, planning outfits and more, it came down to the final shoots. Each music video was shot over two days, and took advantage of facilities available at BIMM University Berlin and Screen and Film School.

“I loved the process of working with all of these amazing and talented people. The shoot was intense (I did a military drill-esque crawl through a tunnel over and over again!) but really fun. I’m so glad that my song was chosen for the project and I’m very excited to see the final music video.”

Nayeli Herrera Brincker, Popular Music Performance, BIMM University Berlin

”I was a little nervous because this was my first time shooting a music video, but the whole process was wonderful. I really enjoyed collaborating with my classmates on set – everyone really got my vision for the video and brought so many great ideas. The cherry on top was working with an artist as talented as Nayeli – they were brilliant.”

Nora Syvderud, BA (Hons) Filmmaking, BIMM University Berlin

We’re so excited to see the outcome of all the music videos produced as part of Short Film 1 and can’t wait to see all the incredible ideas on display.


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