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Most anticipated game releases of 2024

17th January 2024

Following on from last week’s look at the most anticipated TV and film releases of 2024, this week we’re delving into upcoming video game releases, with a whole host of electrifying titles hitting our consoles over the next 12 months…

2024 Video Games Releases

The Last of Us: Part II (Remastered)

Brace yourselves for an enhanced, gripping journey through post-apocalyptic America as The Last of Us: Part II Remastered is set to captivate gamers once again.

This remastered edition for PS5, scheduled for release in January, promises to elevate the emotional rollercoaster and intense gameplay of its predecessor to new heights. With breathtaking visuals and improved performance, this edition is a treat for both devoted fans and newcomers to the acclaimed series.

The new version of The Last of Us: Part II brings more to the table than just updated graphics. One of the most exciting additions is the ‘No Return’ mode. This roguelike survival challenge sees the player face random situations, kind of like a ‘choose your own adventure’ but with intense combat. ‘No Return’ also boasts an array of playable characters, some making their debut in The Last of Us franchise, each equipped with distinctive traits tailored for diverse playstyles. This mode shakes things up by throwing unexpected twists into the mix during fights, keeping you on your toes and making every battle feel fresh and unpredictable.

As fans of the HBO TV adaptation eagerly await the second season’s arrival, this remastered version of the game will be welcoming new and old fans alike back to experience the emotional storytelling that made the original a masterpiece.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

With over four years since its announcement and still no firm release date, fans are crossing their fingers that 2024 will be the year that Hollow Knight: Silksong finally drops.

The highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 indie gem looks like it will follow a similar gameplay to the first instalment, with 2D platforming and combat taking place in an underground realm. The developer, Team Cherry, has teased the expansive scale of the game, revealing a substantial increase in the game’s scope. This promises at least 165 new enemies and 100 distinct checkpoints, a notable leap from the 41 checkpoints featured in the original Hollow Knight.

It’s been confirmed that Hollow Knight: Silksong will be released on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Fans and newbies with access to any of these platforms will have the opportunity to fall in love with the enchanting artwork, intricate lore and captivating characters in this award-winning universe.

Alone in the Dark

A reimagining of the classic 1992 survival horror game, Alone in the Dark boasts the impressive talents of Jodie Comer and David Harbour as series protagonists Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood who, set against the eerie backdrop of the American South in 1930, explore a haunted house and search for answers as to the whereabouts of the mansion’s owner.

With the game starting as the characters arrive at Derceto Manor, players are presented with a pivotal decision: whether to assume the role of Edward or Emily. This initial choice significantly influences the narrative trajectory, determining which storylines and characters players will encounter throughout their gameplay journey.

Prepare for an ethereal realm, intricate characters, spine-chilling confrontations, and progressively challenging puzzles when this Alone in the Dark remake hits the shelves on March 20, 2024.

 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl

Few games have been longer awaited than S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl, and 2024 looks set to be the year to finally bring the game to our screens.

Initially slated for release in 2012, the games development has been an unprecedentedly long journey, afflicted with numerous hurdles including cyberattacks, cancellations, and the development team having to relocate to Prague following the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Set in a hauntingly atmospheric alt-history version of Chornobyl’s Exclusion Zone, the game’s narrative intricacies coupled with survival instincts will transport players into a post-apocalyptic world teeming with danger and mystery. Though the details of the story have been kept a firm secret, the game’s website has confirmed that the narrative follows a non-linear structure and emphasises: “Your Duty is to determine the destiny of the Zone”.

With the promise of pushing gaming boundaries, this title is poised to set new benchmarks in storytelling and player immersion, making it a must-play for all gamers.

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