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Students, graduates and lecturers collaborate with Seamus McGarvey and Lorna Tucker

15th February 2024

In an exciting collaboration between Screen and Film School Brighton and acclaimed cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, along with writer-director Lorna Tucker, students and graduates have played a significant role in the production of the short film Shelter.

Industry connected

The journey began when Seamus McGarvey, patron of our Brighton college, reached out to our careers team to find crew members from our talented pool of students. Having visited our campus in October for an exclusive masterclass and workshop, he was impressed by the talent and dedication they witnessed and keen to bring these young filmmakers on board for his latest cinematic venture with writer-director Lorna Tucker.

Seamus McGarvey and Lorna Tucker clapperboard

Shelter tells the story of a teenage runaway navigating the challenges of life in Brighton. With themes touching on the British class system and the resilience of youth, the film promises to resonate with countless young lives today.

Collaborative filmmaking in action

What sets Shelter apart from other productions is not just its compelling narrative, but also its collaborative spirit. Students from our BA Filmmaking, MA Screen and Film Production, and Production Design courses worked hand in hand with graduates, lecturers, and industry partners to bring the story to life. The combination of fresh perspectives and seasoned expertise charged the project with vibrant energy and creativity that we can’t wait to see on screen.

Among the students who contributed their talent and passion to Shelter was Ronan McAuley, a third-year filmmaking student who described the experience as “absolutely fantastic” and emphasised the invaluable lessons learned on set. Victor Pilard, a master’s student in Screen and Film Production, found his time as a production runner to be illuminating, demystifying aspects of the production process and igniting his own filmmaking aspirations: “It showed me how achievable making my own film can really be with a team that understands each other and works well together.”

Seamus McGarvey smiling and laughing

Joel Eley, another third-year filmmaking student, reflected on the whirlwind experience:

“The professionals really showed us how it’s done and how much more I have to learn but their passion is the same as mine, so I’m hoping with more work and experiences like this I will catch them up one day.”

An insight from the industry professionals

Seamus McGarvey expressed his admiration for our students and graduates, saying:

“We had an extraordinary three days of filming with the most talented students and graduates from the film school. It is a credit to the tutelage they have received in Brighton!”

Writing to the students after the shoot, writer-director Lorna Tucker commended their dedication and professionalism:

“I just wanted to write to you all to tell you just how blown away I was, not only by your creative energy, but your professionalism, hard work and absolute dedication to this film. I feel honoured to have worked alongside you on Shelter, each one of you brought your own unique eye and experience to the shoot and I really mean it when I say I couldn’t have achieved what we did without you part of this.” Lorna Tucker

Seamus McGarvey with students on set

She also shared advice with the students, encouraging them to stay focused and true to their vision:

“Keep focused and don’t worry if things don’t happen exactly how or when you were hoping, these things have a habit of working out when they are meant to happen, and that’s not always when you want it. So, keep faith – you’re in it for the long game!

Never take any setbacks personally; it’s all part of the process, weirdly. And never change your voice to make others comfortable; it’s the thing that will set you apart from others one day.”

As Shelter prepares for its festival debut, the short film shows the power of collaboration and the potential of young talent. In the words of Lorna Tucker, “A film is only as good as the team you have around you”. And with the incredible team assembled for Shelter, greatness is inevitable.

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