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5 Reasons to Study in Berlin

8th August 2017


As one of the world’s most exciting cities, there are literally hundreds of reasons why you should consider studying in Berlin. But to save you precious research time, we’ve narrowed it down to what we here at BIMM consider to be five of the best:

Drink in the world-class music and arts scene

Not only is Berlin the techno capital of the globe, but arts culture here in general is unparalleled. With countless art galleries, live music venues, libraries, dance halls and theatres covering a diverse range of genres, there’s something for all tastes. It’s no accident that BIMM opened a music school here!

Explore the great outdoors

Not only is Berlin famously one of the most environmentally friendly European cities, it also has a higher ratio of parks-to-inhabitants than most capitals. There are a number of breathtaking lakes, forests and gardens within a short distance of the city centre – plus the climate can be comfortably hot for a good chunk of the summer.

Absorb a multitude of other cultures

Berlin is well known for being a multicultural hotspot. Travellers flock here from around the world, bringing their cultures with them, so you can expect some of the most incredible-smelling international food to be right on your doorstep.

Take note of the historical significance

Berlin has a complex and fascinating story behind it, and there are a huge number of historic sights to see across the city. With a mix of grand imposing buildings and minimalist East German architecture, it’s definitely worth taking the time to get to know the city this way.

Save your pennies

It’s so cheap here. Berlin has one of the lowest costs of living, not only in Germany, but in most central and northern European countries. This means that all the money you’ll save can be reinvested into making the most of your time living in this lovely place!

Find out more about studying at BIMM Berlin here.


Elizabeth Jacyshyn-Owen

Elizabeth Jacyshyn-Owen is a Berlin based writer, translator, and BIMM Bristol graduate currently acting as music editor for indieBerlin. She has an MA in Musicology from Oxford Brookes University and is studying for a PgCert in Translation.