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Who What Why : Jazz Cooper

4th August 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m a massive advocate of smaller productions or self-produced music, therefore my go-to is Sound Cloud!
I can’t say I’m interested in a particular type of music as it really depends on my mood, the activity I’m doing or even the weather.
But at the moment I’m most definitely listening to alternative music like Two Feet! I’m also really keen on Brock Berrigan, Louis the Child, MELVV and Maribou State.
I’m a big fan of Tash Saltana at the moment too and I’m a little bit guilty of listening to her latest album on repeat!

What do you love about Bristol?

I can honestly say Bristol is one of my favorite cities in the UK and my absolute second home. I love that Bristol caters to everyone, you can walk 10 minutes to a different area of Bristol and experience a completely different walk of life – Stokes Croft, Clifton, the Centre or even Ashton for some natural beauty, whatever your interests or personality type, there’s something for you in Bristol. Bristol offers so much opportunity to those starting out whether it’s music, arts, crafts or food – there’s always an activity or live event to get involved in which I absolutely adore about Bristol.

Why Music Industry Management?

I chose to study Music Industry Management because it covered so many areas of the music industry. While you might not be interested in some areas, it’s really important to know as much about each area as possible. Music Industry Management offers classes on law, sound engineering, music production, marketing and artist management. It’s so important to learn how all these areas interact and what process is needed to make each area work. While you might not go into one of these particular fields of work, it really helps to understand them all. The management course is incredibly diverse and therefore remains interesting and you’re always learning something new.

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