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Who What Why : WILL BROOKS

27th October 2016

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Meet, Will Brooks. First year Drum Student, BA Hons Professional Musicianship.

WHO are you listening to at the moment?
– On the turntable at the moment are Kings of Leon’s new album “WALLS” and Meshuggah’s new album “The Violent Sleep of Reason”. I’m also listening to a lot of modern jazz artists like GoGo Penguin and Chon, and I’ve recently been getting into Fleetwood Mac.

WHAT do you love about Manchester?
– I love how there’s always a gig to go to. At any one night there could be 3 of your favourite bands playing around Manchester, and I think it’s wonderful that there’s such a wide variety of music happening all the time. Even the buskers are great to watch in this city.

WHY drums?
– Being on the Drum’s Professional Musicianship course is great because of the community we’ve formed together. We’ve all made great friends, and we all help each other out. There’s no unhealthy competition or trying to one-up each other, we all just get along and introduce each other to new music. For example, there’s no way I’d be going to see Meshuggah at The Ritz if my pals on my course didn’t introduce me to them. I think the open mindedness of all the students at BIMM makes it a really valuable place to study if you’re a musician.