Who, What, Why


28th November 2016

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You may have spotted a little thing called ‘Who What Why?’ featuring students from across the BIMM colleges. Well, he may not be a student, but the wonderful Jack Garratt who visited us recently at BIMM Manchester and Brighton has kindly let us know his Who’s, What’s and Why’s! 

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Jamie Lidell’s new record Building a Beginning which reminds me a lots of older Stevie Wonder records like Talking Book and Fulfillingness’ First Finale subsequently I’ve been listening to a lot of Stevie Wonder also.

What do you love about the UK music scene?

I think the UK music scene boasts one of the most versatile, diverse and youthful cultures of music in the world. I think it’s important as a musician to understand, appreciate and respect the global impact that UK pop culture has had.

Why do you love song writing?

I often find it difficult to feel confident in the way that I word myself when I’m talking about my life and my emotions. Being a song writer enables you to explore those parts of yourself, almost as if you’re a third person.