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Who What Why : Zean Diaz

15th January 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I am currently listening to “I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)” by Genesis, one of my favourite bands. Such a lovely tune which always makes me happy!

What do you love about London?

The music scene in London has always been something I have considered to be amazing. I love how I can create my own music and people will show genuine love for it (especially at BIMM) – it keeps me motivated to continue. I just love all the talents who are residents of London; it’s much easier to find jam sessions, muses, and I love the fact that you are never alone

Why Guitar?

Since I studied film/television in my home of Sweden, I only played music for fun, I never thought that BIMM would offer me a place since I didn’t feel my knowledge in music theory was quite there. Then I received an email from them in which they offered me a place in their Popular Music Performance with Foundation Year Guitar course. Since I want to develop and become better in every aspect of guitar playing, I was beyond happy and accepted their offer – and I don’t regret it!


Sarah-Louise Burns

Having been part of the BIMM Marketing Team since 2016, Sarah has been working in Social Media Marketing since 2013. She Graduated the University of Hertfordshire in BA(Hons) Photography and Media Business and has a keen interest in the power of social media.