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Who What Why: Venita Cutler

31st January 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been going back to a lot of my favourite bands recently! Foals are bringing out two albums this year so I’m rekindling my love for them again. Editors, who I’m constantly listening to; they’re my favourite band of all time. I’ve recently got into Lady Bird, who I interviewed at the DIY Class of 2019 event last month. They were the loveliest people I’ve ever interviewed and I hung out with them a bit too.

What do you love about Brighton?

I always knew I wanted to move to Brighton when I visited for a long weekend when I was younger. I love how close everything is, there’s always something exciting happening and it’s okay to look a little weird here. Nobody judges you. I live at the top of a hill though, so I don’t like that!

Why Music Journalism?

I chose Music Journalism because I’ve always been strong at English and I grew up with music surrounding me all the time, so it just made sense! However, I’m looking more into the PR realm (which the MJ course also covers), and I’m absolutely loving it. I love the creative aspects of it. I’ve had some amazing opportunities since being here and I’m so grateful.