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Who What Why : Shane Nolan

24th October 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listening to the new Queens of the Stone Age album a lot. Mark Ronson is such a good match for their sound on the production end, I was delighted to hear he had worked with them. I also love self-produced groovers like Tom Misch, HONNE, and FKJ. Also some awesome bands I like right now are I Know Leopard, Leisure, and Parcels. There are also some amazing Irish acts in my playlist at the moment such as Wyvern Lingo, Fangclub, Jafaris, David Keenan and Tim Chadwick. I also have this soft-spot for James Blunt, I’m going to see him in the 3 Arena in November and then Kasabian the day after!

What do you love about Dublin?

There’s always been an amazing buzz in Dublin that I’m very fond of – The Irish craic etc. Throughout my college years I began to become even more fond of it. Dublin has a very lovely, welcoming and supportive music scene. I think BIMM opening up has had a lot to do with that. I’d definitely not be where I am today without this beautiful city’s influence, that’s for sure.

Why Songwriting?

Honestly, coming out of school music was the only thing I could see myself doing. I only decided BIMM would be my number-one choice at a very late stage and I’m delighted I did. I was very new to the craft of songwriting when I did my audition and I guess the tutors saw something. Being able to dedicate myself academically to something as beautiful as songwriting was an absolute blessing. I really believe that BIMM shaped me not only as a writer, producer and an artist, but as a person overall.

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