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Who What Why : Ryan Sparrow

28th November 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to a lot of new people recently. I came across a guy called Dermot Kennedy from Ireland and he’s amazing. The things he does with an acoustic guitar and a couple of extra little bits is mesmerising. But yeah, I’ve still got the Every Kingdom album by Ben Howard on repeat most days. I’ve personally never come across a songwriter who can use words and sound like he does but I guess that’s open to interpretation!

What do you love about Birmingham?

I love Birmingham’s general vibe. I grew up in a small town just outside of Birmingham and always found it really interesting that there was this ‘other world’ just down the road with skyscrapers and office blocks etc. I’m generally one for the countryside so it scared me to start with, but once you learn to embrace it there are not many places that offer what Birmingham does. It’s just an absolute gem of a city for live music; the list of venues is endless and so accessible to play through the local promoters and just general word of mouth.

Why Songwriting?

Songwriting to me is the one true language of the world. You can speak to anybody with a simple set of notes and words. I don’t even think you need to share their language lyrically to get inside their heads. If you can put together something that touches people in so many different ways, there’s no better reward than that. If I can get to that stage in my life at some point, that is success to me.

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