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Who What Why: Thomas Wills

29th November 2017

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Thomas Wills is a year two music Music Production student from Bristol, UK who moved to BIMM Berlin for his studies. We caught up with Tom to find out more.

WHO are you listening to at the moment?

Right now I am listening to (almost every day) ‘Modern Pressure’ by Daniel Romano and ‘Soldier On’ by Tim Knol. I really love the way both artists construct their songs and the production on both albums really resonate with me!

WHAT do you love about Berlin?

It’s hard to pin point exactly what I love about Berlin as the city is great in so many different ways. As a musician and general music fanatic, there are tons of opportunities to play and see live shows. When people think of Berlin, they usually think about it’s world famous electronic music scene. However, this is just half the story! The city is bursting with venues that come in all shapes and sizes and whatever day of the week it is, you can find every conceivable style of music.

WHY Music Production?

I heard good things about BIMM Bristol from my friends that studied there and I decided to go along to Berlin for an open day. I had been writing and recording songs for a few years before I enrolled. However, I felt like I had reached a ceiling. Being at BIMM has so far has given me the skills and confidence to approach my mixes in a different way and improve them quite substantially over the past year. I’m looking forward to how the next few years unfold.

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