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Who What Why: Rhianna Keane

9th May 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m a massive RnB and neo-soul fan, so I am listening a lot to Erykah Badu right now. I’m obsessed with her original creativity and her voice! Also, I’m loving Tom Misch and Mac Ayres. I saw Tom Misch live and he really introduced me to the ‘nu jazz’ style and I love it. The music makes me feel so chilled. However BROCKHAMPTON and Jorja Smith will always be my go-to music!

What do you love about Birmingham?

I love that if you’re an artist/band in Birmingham your name gets around quickly and people start to recognise you! There are so many opportunities through the music scene here and a lot of cool venues to gig at. BIMM Birmingham is located in the heart of Digbeth surrounded by music venues and lots of amazing food. The music scene is so diverse here from indie to jazz, pop and rap. Birmingham is really growing!

Why Vocals?

The Professional Musicianship course at BIMM is amazing. You learn all about the music industry as a whole. From the theoretical and academic side to helping you grow practically and developing your branding. By being here at BIMM, I’ve grown so much as an artist in 2 years . You are surrounded by so many like minded people, so I am just in my element here!

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