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Who What Why: Darius Zaltash

2nd May 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I’m really into some of Flume’s new stuff, the production is just incredible! Same with the new Chemical Brothers album. The Amazons’ latest track is also a banger.

What do you love about Birmingham?

The thing I love about Birmingham is the way it can always surprise you with opportunities and experiences you never thought you could get. There’s moments I’ve had here which – if you’d asked me a year ago whether they were on the horizon – I would’ve laughed at you. The music scene here is so vast, talent-filled and varied that there is so much to learn from it! The people in Birmingham are open minded, down to earth and super friendly and I’ve definitely already made some friends for life here!

Why Songwriting?

I chose the Songwriting course after having the realisation that regardless of how much you know about a subject, if you want to go to uni and spend 3- 4 years studying something, it has got to be in the one area that you can engage with and feel the most passionate about. For me, that was writing tunes.

I thought if I spent it learning anything else I would eventually become disengaged but that is the one thing I know I want my career to be based around. After coming to an open day at BIMM Birmingham I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to join in September and here I am!

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