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Who What Why: Megan Farnfield

15th March 2017

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Also known as AMBR – meet BIMM Brighton Songwriting student Megan Farnfied…

Who I’m listening to at the moment?

My favourite band is The 1975 and I was lucky enough to also see another of my favourites, The Japanese House supporting them on tour in December. As well as this I’ve been listening to a lot of Fickle Friends, Huntar and Aquilo. All of these bands I feel have a really cool vibe to their music and have a good mix of upbeat songs you can dance to as well as songs you can just relax whilst listening to. I’ve been lucky enough to see Fickle Friends and Huntar live also and I’m really excited to hear more music from them.

What do I love about Brighton?

I love how Brighton is such an accepting and bohemian place. It prides itself on accepting people’s differences and I love that. The place itself is so colourful and quirky and I love that it’s different from any other place. The music scene is also great! There’s some really cool places like The Green Door store as well as a huge number of open mic nights.

Why Songwriting?

I originally was supposed to study vocals at BIMM but quickly changed to songwriting. I love the freedom within the songwriting course as you are really encouraged to engage with people from other courses on a creative level and I love that. I felt that by studying songwriting I was able to combine my love of lyrics and melodies and really be able to perform from the heart as they are my own words and feelings.