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Who What Why: Luc Garrett

30th November 2020

As part of our Music Made Us campaign, BIMM student Luc Garrett tells us what inspired his route into music, why he chose to study Songwriting, and what drew him to Manchester.

Who inspired your route into music?

The first person I ever saw perform would have been my grandfather when I was very little. He would have always played classical guitar at any family gatherings or events or whenever we went to visit. My dad’s friend Paddy would have always been playing guitar too. He had his guitar with him whenever he came to our house, and he’d just be practising and playing.

“I would say my parents really helped me gravitate towards being a musician.”

I was always intrigued by this piece of wood with strings on it and that it could make these really nice sounds, so I would have just sat and listened to them play. Then, for my 6th or 7th birthday, my dad and grandad took me out to buy my first guitar. This was the start of my musical journey and curiosity. When I was 10, we moved house and just so happened to live across the road from my mum’s old piano teacher and I was easily persuaded into trying lessons. It all took off from there, really. I would say my parents really helped me gravitate towards being a musician.

What made you choose to study Songwriting?

I’ve always been writing my own music since I was about 13. Up until I was about 22, I never showed anybody my songs as I was always the drummer or keys player in a band, I was always playing somebody else’s music. I finally started my own band with my own songs, but despite how well we played and gelled together I still couldn’t find satisfaction with how the music sounded. This eventually led to going solo and trying to figure out MY sound.

I felt that choosing songwriting would help me broaden my mind and take me out of my comfort zone to try new ways of writing. I always want to learn from others, and being in a room filled with songwriters is the best way to do that.

Why is Manchester right for you?

I’ve always been a big fan of Manchester City Football Club and I have some friends that already lived here, so I had been to visit a few times. After my first time visiting, I knew this was where I wanted to live. The people are amazing and there’s such a welcoming feeling when you arrive in Manchester.

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