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Who What Why : Frank Collins

13th October 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ll usually have a mix of old and new stuff to listen to. At the moment I’m listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, as well as some of Morricone’s work. The modern stuff I’m listening to would be a band called Fuzz. My friend turned me on to them, they’re a sort of experimental rock piece. They go heavy on the effects which is something I’m really into. I’m also really enjoying Alexandra Savior’s album. Her songs are very sweet sounding but there’s also a sort of twisted side to it. I think it’s really clever, it makes you think.

What do you love about Dublin?

One thing I love about Dublin is that there’s a pretty good music scene here. I’ve lived here all my life but only realised that in the past year or so. There are some great music venues here too. I’ve been to a couple of what I’d consider to be “life changing” gigs in the Olympia Theatre. That would be one of my favourite spots in Dublin.

Why Music Production?

I chose to do Music Production because I think the production behind a song or album can have a bigger impact than people think. The Beatles wouldn’t have sounded the same without George Martin behind the production. I think production used creatively can make a good album a great album, which is something George Martin did with The Beatles really well. I’m into manipulating sounds, using effects, and finding out how they work, which is something I get to explore in studying Music Production. Another reason I chose production was because it opens a gate to sound design for film and video games as well as music, which are also areas that peak my interest.