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Who What Why : Amy Wildsmith

18th October 2017

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Who I’m listening to at the moment?

On a serious note the new ‘Novor Amor’ EP is incredible but other than that, Harry Styles – because he’s my guilty pleasure and his album is on repeat quite a lot!

What do I love about Brighton?

Brighton is a great place. It’s a small city but feels huge at times as it’s packed full of music venues and bars. Some of my favourite music venues are in Brighton and that’s why I love it!

Why Music Business?

I prefer to be behind the scenes than upfront performing. Knowing that I helped to put on a gig or festival and seeing it succeed really gives me pleasure and makes me feel good. It’s interesting to learn about the different roles as there are SO many and the course gives insight into every part of the industry – so you have lots to choose from career wise!