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WHO WHAT WHY : Celine Love Newkirk

27th January 2017

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From, Hamburg to Berlin to London. Celine has had the ultimate BIMM Experience! 

Who are you listening to at the moment? 

I always listen to a completely random mix of artists, but a couple of my current favourites range from Lauryn Hill & Alicia Keys to contemporary folk/blues boys Hozier and Matt Corby. One or the other German rapper might sneak into the playlist as well 😉

What do you love about London and Berlin

I love that London is incredibly diverse. Not only culturally but the atmosphere of the city can change in an instant. Even though Hamburg and Berlin are far from boring, London is a whole different story. What I love about Berlin on the other hand is how wonderfully messy it is. It’s incredibly diverse as well but has more of a ‘backpacker’ and ‘musicians on the go’ feel to it. Berlin is also so much cheaper than London which is very convenient for the student lifestyle. Of course it was also very nice not being far from home.

Why Songwriting

The songwriting course seemed like the perfect fit for what i wanted to do. It allows me to explore myself as an artist but I also get to learn about the business and get used to collaborating. I am even glad that some theory is getting forced into my brain.

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