Who, What, Why


30th January 2017

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Olly Flavell from BIMM Manchester is this weeks Who What Why! 

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Firstly Liam McClaire, he’s an amazing songwriter with a great attitude and he’s always performing live with great material. Be sure to listen to him.

The other artist I am listening to and following a lot around Manchester is Robbie Cavanagh. He’s another amazing songwriter with such a depth of meaning to his music, you can really let your heart leak out to his lyrics. I am also Co-writing with him towards the end of the year. A track I like in particular, ‘Untitled’ is an extremely well written song.

For recording artists in general I’m slightly obsessed with Tom Odell’s newest album. He’s really upped his songwriting abilities since his first album and his music really has a maturity to it now.

What do you love about Manchester

Just before I moved to Manchester in 2014/15, the city was rated number one for live music, above London . So it seemed a perfect fit to me.
The main thing I love about Manchester is the fact that the music scene here is so friendly. Everybody makes you feel involved and there’s no ‘jealousy’ or ‘envy’ within the songwriting scene.

Why Songwriting

There’s something about songwriting that just helps musicians ease their worries away. It’s just something amazing, it’s hard to explain actually…. haha!


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