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Who What Why : Ben McNeil

28th March 2018

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Who am you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I keep listening to DJ Format from his older records with charli 2na and akil from Jurassic Five to his latest album Still Hungry with Abdominal. His song ‘We’re Back’ especially captures the old school golden era of hip hop and is great to break to.

What do you love about Bristol?

I love how in Bristol there is always something happening and there is a really great music scene. You can go and see more or less any genre live any day of the week. There are also really good metal, funk and hip hop scenes in Bristol. I also love everyone’s attitude in Bristol – it’s very welcoming and friendly.

Why Guitar?

I chose to do Guitar at BIMM Bristol as it was an opportunity to improve my playing and make me more than just a metal guitarist. BIMM has done this as it has helped me develop my techniques and new appreciations for genres I never thought I’d delve into. It has also helped me discover new career paths that my guitar can take me on which weren’t obvious to me at first.

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