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Who What Why : Stuart Woolfenden

27th March 2018

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m always listening to the Global Top 50 playlist on Spotify. I’m keen to know what’s trending in the music industry, especially because it’s constantly changing!

What do you love about Birmingham?

Well I was born and raised in Redditch, so I’m local. It’s really exciting what’s going on at BIMM Birmingham, it’s a new generation of bands/artists/managers etc. who want to make Birmingham and the local area proud. There’s no competition either, the support at the End Of Term Gigs shows that. It’s an exciting time for Birmingham.

Why Songwriting?

Songwriting is what I do, so I think it was best for me to do this particular course. I also have music business and music theory lessons, so the content is still quite broad and we get to mix with with students from across disciplines. It’s all very interesting and I think I made the right choice!

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