What to expect from the new academic year at Screen and Film School

29th September 2022

September is almost over and our brand-new academic year is in full swing, so it’s the perfect time to look ahead at the next few months and fill you in on some of the amazing opportunities we’ve got in store for our students. Join Brighton’s student blogger Ellenor Jenns as she shares her advice for new and returning students alike.

In my two years at Screen and Film School, the beginning of a new academic year has always been an exciting time – the long summer between the end of one and the start of another is the build-up, and I find myself almost giddy at the idea of being able to get back to doing what I love so much. In fact, I’ve felt just as much excitement for the new academic year this time around, if not more than previous years because this year is my last before I graduate.

With an extremely successful Freshers Fair behind us now and the new term gearing up, things are only going to get better from here onwards!

New Courses

To start off with, we have the first-year students beginning their courses, and this academic year Screen and Film School have expanded once again, offering three new courses that have never been offered before – Production Design for Screen and Film, Hair and Make-up for Screen and Film, and Film Business & Production. This is a massive step forward for the university as there has only ever been a degree course in Filmmaking offered before this year, and it is a massive opportunity for new students to be able to do a degree course that is solely focused on their specialism of choice and feels more tailored to their interests.

Student President and Diversity and Representation Officer

To go along with all the other changes happening at Screen and Film School this year, we start off the new academic year with a brand-new Student President and a brand-new Diversity and Representation Officer. The two are both extremely committed to making people feel heard, and will be working to help create the best environment for all students regardless of gender identity, sexual orentiation, race etc. Though they have only been in their respective roles for a short period of time, it’s safe to assume that they’re going to do an amazing job and will make lots of positive changes over the next year.

Societies galore!

If you’re itching to socialise with your peers, you’re in luck! This year at Screen and Film School we’re starting with a plethora of exciting and new societies that are both looking for new members and plan to host a variety of student-led events throughout the year.

This includes Gays On Film, Women in Film, SFS United and many more. If you were at the Fresher’s Fair last week you would’ve already had a chance to meet members of Gays On Film and Women In Film who both had their own tables!

There will be a society signup event in the next few months at one of our locations so that you can easily come and put your name down for the societies you want to be part of, but there’s no pressure to wait until then as some societies have got posters up so that you can get in contact and join that way too.

Student Support and Industry Engagement

As usual, The Student Support and Industry Engagement team come prepared for the new academic year.

Student Support have set up Peer Support Group sessions, and have planned them out so that they are happening all year round. If you’ve got something in particular you need support with from those around you at the university, this is your chance to find those people and also give support to others at the same time.

As for masterclasses, they are also resuming with the first guest, Phoebe Waller-Bridge (date to be announced) lined up to come and answer some questions very soon. Though there haven’t been any other confirmed ones yet, the Industry Engagement team are constantly on the lookout – keep an eye on your student email because when the time comes, that’s how you’ll find out about them.

All in all…

It’s an extremely exciting time to be an Screen and Film School student. Whether you’re a first, second or third year, there’s something for everyone, and there will be a lot more coming your way as the year goes on.

To round this off, I’d like to inform you all that this is my last blog as the Screen and Film School Brighton student blogger. Though I would love to continue doing this until I graduate, it’s time to give someone else a chance. I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read my work over the last year. I’ve had so much fun with the role and I’ve loved the creative freedom I’ve been given.

Good luck everyone! Here’s to another amazing year.



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