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What Can I Do With An Event Management Degree?

3rd May 2021

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No matter what’s happened recently, events are making a comeback. It doesn’t matter what the whizzes in Silicon Valley come up with, no app is ever going to replace the thrill of packing into a venue full of sweating strangers and banging your head to Metallica like a demented pigeon. That’s great news for upcoming musicians, actors, dancers and other performers, but it’s also reassuring if you’re planning an Event Management career in the live sector.

Let’s talk about our Event Management Undergraduate Course

Think of our BA (Hons) Event Management course as apprentice-style education; it’s incredibly practical and industry-focused. Forget the textbooks; we amp up hands-on learning and real-world experiences so you graduate knowing exactly what you’re going into. Plus, our lecturers are directly involved with the music business, meaning your industry guides will be experts with the most up-to-date knowledge and intel on how things roll.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout your course to launch into event management ‘in the real world’. One example of this is Pool Valley Records: an independent record label based in Brighton. BIMM students and alumni make up the team, with a roster boasting some of the city’s most promising young acts. Former students have hit the ground running, learning first-hand how to manage a record label, and work with and find new talent around the world.

Once you’ve graduated, you’ll have all you need to take on your dream career. Let’s talk about a few of the paths that an Event Management degree might lead you down.

Let’s say I’ve just graduated. What could I do next?

Well, let’s kick off with a no-brainer. If you’ve taken a respected BA Hons, you’ll now have the skills and industry contacts to become a highly competent Music Events Manager, handling the logistics of anything from one-off shows and club nights to festivals and international tours. This shouldn’t feel like too much of a jump, either, because you’ll already have front-line experience of organising local events from your degree.

What else am I qualified for in the music industry?

An Event Management degree will give you a flying start as a Live Gig Promoter, teaching you how to plan a show and sell it out. You’ll also have transferable skills if you see yourself as a Venue Manager; a multitasker overseeing all activities, employees and business for seamless live music experiences.

Alternatively, maybe you’re destined to be a Booking Agent, helping clueless young rock bands conquer the West Coast and playing hardball with Michael Eavis to get them a shot on the Pyramid Stage.

Or how about becoming one of these?

  • Festival Site Manager
  • Artist Liaison
  • Artist Management
  • Stage Manager
  • Record Label Management

Guitarists Behind The Scenes at Concorde 2

What if I want to see the world?

If your blood pressure can handle it, you could become a Tour Manager. A good Event Management degree like ours will prime you on vital topics such as tour routing, funding, budgeting, human resources, tax, insurance and business planning. The only thing it won’t teach you is how to bust the lead singer out of jail in Detroit.

How about working in the wider creative industries?

BIMM’s Event Management degree goes far beyond what you’d expect, offering a dedicated module that covers non-musical roles. With those skills under your belt, there’s nothing to stop you from taking a left turn in Creative Event Design and Production.

The world is your oyster. You can leap into:

  • Sports events
  • Corporate and cultural events
  • Nightclub promotion
  • Food festivals
  • Flower shows
  • Outdoor art showcases
  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Charity events fundraisers
  • Lavish themed parties for millionaires

You could use your degree as the ticket to anything from managing a live venue to organising glitzy product launches. It’s wide open.

What if I decide the creative industry isn’t for me?

That’s okay: the skills you learn on your Event Management degree will give you an advantage in many other roles, too. You could, for instance, break into hotel or restaurant management, become a health and safety officer, work in the tourist industry, organise team-building days, become a teacher, or use your promotional chops in more general marketing and public relations, such as:

  • Digital Marketing and Social Media
  • Marketing and PR
  • Digital Content Creation – Branding, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Photographer, Videography, etc.

An Event Management degree truly is an Access All Areas pass.

Choose your own path

At BIMM Institute, we don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’. That’s why our Event Management undergraduate courses put you in control. First, you’ll learn the necessary employability skills and find where you’ll fit within the industry. Then, you can customise your studies through our range of optional modules.

These are designed to help you become the multifaceted professional the industry is looking for – and ultimately help you reach your personal and professional goals.

Expand your skillset with optional modules, such as:

  • Creative Video Production
  • The Business and Culture of Electronic Music
  • Crowd Psychology and Management
  • Technical Event Production
  • Digital Arts and Branding
  • Music and Event Futures

Studying Event Management can take you places you never initially thought. You’ll build your own path to success and launch into a dream career.

Event Management Success Stories

We’re immensely proud that so many BIMM students have become successful event managers and industry professionals – and turned their passion into their career.

Our graduates include:

Head to our BIMM Institute Alumni page to find more.

Find out more about BA (Hons) Event Management. Alternatively, our friendly Admissions Team is here to answer any questions you may have about our courses or the application process. Find out more here, or contact our Admissions Team on 0344 2 646 666 or through email at [email protected]


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