Screen and Film School Brighton discusses the Film In Colour Society with MA Mentor and award-winning filmmaker, Anthony Vander

26th October 2021

In further celebration of Black History Month 2021, Screen and Film School caught up with BAFTA Crew member and MA mentor, Anthony Vander, for a quick-fire Q&A and to discuss his involvement with the college’s Film In Colour Society.  

Anthony Vander is an award-winning Filmmaker and Producer. In 2017 and 2018 he was nominated by the Chairwoman of Media Com UK as a top ten creative trailblazer for Black History Month. His work has featured in We Are Parable and the British Film Institute’s ‘WHO WE ARE’ season in July 2020, which shined a light on Black British filmmakers in the UK.

Anthony’s first short film ‘Hooligan’ screened at The Short Film Corner at Cannes Film Festival in 2012, and in 2014, his directorial debut feature film, ‘Sweetboy’ had its North American première at the American Black Film Festival. His second short film ‘Spar’ screened at festivals including S.O.U.L Connect and The Miami Independent Film Festival. Anthony recently finished directing his fifth short film ‘Finale’, a drama about two sisters struggling to stay creative during the nationwide lockdown of 2020.

Screen and Film School Brighton are incredibly proud to have welcomed Anthony as one of the newest mentors for the MA Screen and Film Production course. Last week we caught up with Anthony to get his thoughts on working with Screen and Film School, his involvement with the Film In Colour Society, and to take part in a quick-fire Q&A!

How does it feel to be working with Screen and Film School?

“It feels very exciting having visited the Old Steine campus and having had a tour of Brighton Film studios. The staff were incredibly supportive and welcoming which made me feel right at home. It is evident to see that Screen and Film School Brighton is an inspiring environment, and the studios are pretty much mind-blowing. Since I have worked at the film school, I can see the continual work being done to allow students to express themselves as creatively as possible.”

Can you tell us a little bit about the Film In Colour student society?

“FIC society is for POC students to have a safe space where they can collaborate, share all of their experiences and create, reflect and showcase unrepresented stories. I have had the pleasure of chatting with students from the society and it is an incredibly safe space where they can share their hopes, fears and aspirations whilst at the film school and beyond.”

Why do you think student societies such as this are so needed in film schools today?

“It is really important to the development of each student in terms of a collaborative environment but also the confidence of each student to have a platform whereby all their voices are heard. I wish that there was a Film In Colour student society when I was studying, as more often than not the thoughts and feelings of myself and my peers were isolated and not heard. I have to give a huge shout out to the students and Screen and Film School Brighton for the actions they are implementing. I am looking forward to helping to mentor and sharing my own network with the Film In Colour society.”

So that our MA students can get to know one of the course’s newest mentors a little better, we gave Anthony some quick-fire questions to try and reveal his own personal tastes when it comes to our mutual love of film.

First Film: Masters of the Universe

Last Film: Accatone (Pasolini)

Favourite Film: Cinema Paridiso

Ever walked out of a film? I used to usher in a cinema and walked out of the film. It didn’t go well with the management!

Favourite Director: Steven Spielberg

Favourite film soundtrack: Call Me By Your Name

Favourite female actor: Angela Bassett

Favourite male actor: Al Pacino

Who would play you in a film of your life: Denzel Washington

Favourite line of dialogue: “Don’t ever take sides against the family” – The Godfather

Claim to fame: Tom Hardy sat in on a drama class I was part of back in 2009

Worst job: Folding and tagging clothes in a cold stockroom at 5am

Favourite cinema: Peckamplex or Electric Cinema White City

Preferred cinema snack: Warm sweet popcorn

What annoys you in a cinema? People talking

Strangest film screening: The Last Jedi, the fire alarm went off and we were outside for 30 minutes

Favourite piece of film memorabilia: A Black Panther film poster I took from a preview screening

What’s your guiltiest film or TV pleasure: It’s got to be those Fast and Furious films. I watch them in the cinema. The first one was legit but it’s ridiculous now. They are touching space with those cars!

Favourite tagline: “In space, no one can hear you scream” – Alien

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