My MA Story with Beth Butcher – Blog One

27th October 2021


Interested in studying our MA in Popular Music Practice? We’ll be following the journey of current student Beth Butcher as she completes her Postgraduate Degree with us at BIMM Institute Bristol.

Hi, I’m Beth. I’m a BIMM Institute Bristol graduate. I came into BIMM Institute shy and quiet, and previously, I had struggled to make friends. When applying to BIMM Institute, a huge factor was the BIMM community. Over my time here, I feel as if I have progressed from being the quiet one in class who would never put their hand up, to now being somebody who will get stuck in and is willing to collaborate with others.

I studied Music Production for three years, so first, I’m going to give you an insight into what it was like.

Studying BA Music Production:

Throughout my time studying Music Production, I felt myself gravitating towards the studio engineering side of the course. This is definitely what I would consider now as my main area of study. Studio engineering and studio sound production were always my favourite lectures, and I was taught by some incredible lecturers from which I have learnt everything I know.

Since graduating from the BA course, I have constantly been working on various projects. I’ve primarily been in the studio recording albums and EPs with a few different artists. One notable project was recording the upcoming debut album for Anna Anise, which I can’t wait for everyone to hear!

My favourite part about BIMM Institute is how important the community is and how involved everyone can get as a student. It’s been amazing to watch and even be part of some progressions at BIMM Institute Bristol, such as the BSA (Student Association). The BSA is a great way to get stuck in but also to network with others.

So, I’ve finished my studies for the BA Music Production course, and I am now enrolled on the MA Popular Music Practice course.

Studying MA Popular Music Practice:

I decided to study on this course as it’s the best way to progress myself both as an individual, an academic, and as a professional. Also, the best way to expand my knowledge and how to utilise it. I feel that exploring my specialism is highly beneficial to work towards achieving my career aspirations.

I have set myself the goal of eventually building my own studio and lecturing/educating others, in some form, within the area of studio engineering.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with others and seeing what everyone on the Popular Music Practice cohort can get up to together. Since starting, I have already developed my project, and I’m very excited to get that underway. I have also joined some extra sessions for the drone orchestra. This has been an excellent opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone and try something new.

So far, the MA has changed the way I look at my work, and it’s making me consider what career I want to create for myself. I can’t wait to see what this year develops for me, and I’ll be happy to update you all on it soon.