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Postgrad Progress – Catching up with Camila Coltri Ferreira

8th July 2024

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Meet Camila Coltri Ferreira, a talented MA Performing Arts student hailing from Brazil. We recently caught up with Camila to learn more about her journey, current projects, and her highlights from the course. From her unique perspective as an international student to her ambitious artistic goals, Camila’s story offers an inspiring glimpse into the world of a promising creative professional.

What have been some highlights of the course so far?

The first thing to mind is the community – its been great to get to know my fellow masters students, and work together and support each other on our journey. Our regular workshops spring to mind as a big highlight too, bringing in guest choreographers, directors, West End actors, and other industry professionals. Recently, we had creators of a new musical come in and workshop their new show with us, which was exciting because we got to work with original characters that haven’t been fully realised yet. I’ve also really enjoyed getting involved in other projects, like the recent Performers College show Spark.

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Tell us about your work on the recent graduate show Spark?

Spark was one of the Level 6 final shows this year, and it was created from scratch by Paul Saunders (MA Course Leader) and Emma Tuck. The show focused on famous women who could be considered role models, and I had the opportunity to help with the writing process. I was fact-checking the script around the women featured in the show, which was a new experience for me, researching these historical figures and ensuring their stories would translate to the show. I also polished some parts of the script, taking inspiration from the actors’ improvisations during rehearsals and incorporating them into the final text.

What are you currently working on for your MA course?

My personal project focuses on comedy. I’m writing, directing, and performing in two comedy skits that will be recorded like a sitcom. The research examines how actors feel performing with and without a live audience. We’ll perform the scenes both ways, and then discuss the actors’ experiences to understand what helps them thrive in each environment and how to improve their performances. As the writer, director, and one of the performers, it’s been a challenge to navigate all these roles!

Camila sits in front of camera during an acting class

What did you do before joining this MA program?

I originally did a degree in Publicity and Advertising, with an emphasis on Marketing, back home in Brazil, and went to work in advertising. I’ve always danced recreationally at extracurricular classes, and at 23, I decided to pursue acting and singing too alongside my work. I completed a course in acting and worked with a theatre group, sometimes as a swing actress playing multiple roles. I also taught dance classes. Throughout my performance work, I often got to use my advertising skills as the productions I was involved in would usually need help with promotion.

Why did you decide to pursue an MA at Performers College?

I wanted to gain experience in my field in another country. Initially, I considered a short course, but realized I could do a full master’s degree to gain more advanced qualifications. I chose this course because of its versatility – I look around at others, and found that this one allowed me more space to work out what I wanted to study and tailor it to my own needs. It wasn’t restricted to just musical theatre or just screen acting. The course allows students to create their own path and explore different aspects of the performing arts.

What has been your experience as an international student?

As a 30-year-old student from Brazil, I’m also older than many of my classmates. In Brazil, it’s more common to work for a few years after your bachelor’s degree before pursuing a masters, which is what I did. As an international student, I was facing the prospect of moving to a whole new country on the other side of the world, where I didn’t know anyone. The support from Performers College has been excellent – Paul took time to answer all my questions personally before I applied, which made me feel supported in making such a big move. I’m so glad I did it!

Camila interacts with the camera duing an acting class

What advice would you give to prospective students?

I would encourage them to just go for it and take this opportunity to learn about themselves as artists. This course gives you space to explore who you are as a performer, what you’re good at, what you enjoy, and where you want to develop. This self-knowledge is crucial when entering the job market – you need to know which opportunities align with your skills and interests and will lead to a fulfilling, productive career. I feel much more prepared to enter the industry having had the space to spend time working out who I am as a creative professional.

What are your future plans?

My main goal is to work as a professional performer, but I’m flexible in whether that be in acting, dancing, singing, or another creative role – I think its valuable to be able to adapt and have lots of skills available. The experience I’ve gained and connections I’ve made in the UK will be so valuable for my career, whether I stay here or return to Brazil, so I’ll either go back, or apply for a graduate visa that would allow me to work full-time in the UK. So many possibilities!

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