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It’s your future: Alfie

9th July 2024


Alfie is a student at BIMM Music Institute Birmingham, and here he shares his journey of first discovering his passion for music and how his experiences at BIMM have shaped his ambitions.

“I’m Alfie Nicholls and I’m currently studying Performance Vocals and Songwriting at BIMM Music Institute Birmingham, and I’ve just finished my second year. It’s been quite a journey so far.

My path into the music world started somewhat unexpectedly. I didn’t take music at GCSE, and it wasn’t until around the time of the COVID-19 lockdown that I really began to explore my love for it. My dad has always been musical, and during lockdown, I had the time to delve into guitar lessons and experiment with songwriting. This newfound passion led me to BIMM, where I could pursue music seriously.

The first year at BIMM was a blend of performance and songwriting. Each week, we alternated between developing our vocal skills through covers and showcasing our own songs to the class. This 50/50 split gave me a solid foundation in both areas. It was fascinating to learn how much our bodies influence our singing, from posture to breath control. I had never considered these aspects before, but they are crucial for projecting the best sound possible.

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In the second year, the focus shifted. The first semester was dedicated entirely to performance, allowing me to concentrate on refining my vocal abilities. The second semester then shifted back to songwriting, pushing me to create new songs regularly. This continuous practice has been incredibly beneficial. I’ve discovered new methods and creative avenues in songwriting, which has been both challenging and rewarding.

Songwriting has become a therapeutic outlet for me. It’s a way to express thoughts and emotions that I might not even be fully aware of until I start writing. Often, I’ll write lyrics without a clear direction, and later, I’ll analyse them and realise they reflect my current state of mind. This process is both enlightening and comforting, helping me understand myself better.

I found out about BIMM through a friend after taking a gap year post-college. The idea of studying music in a dedicated environment appealed to me, so I attended an open day and fell in love with the place. The supportive atmosphere and the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals made it an easy decision to enrol.

At first, coming to BIMM was intimidating. The thought of being surrounded by so many talented individuals was daunting. However, I quickly realised that everyone here shares the same doubts and insecurities. The supportive environment at BIMM helped me overcome these fears. Voice cracks and mistakes in lessons became learning opportunities rather than sources of embarrassment. This sense of community has been incredibly reassuring.

My ultimate dream is to be a professional artist, but I’ve learned to be realistic about the challenges in the industry. BIMM has opened my eyes to the many pathways within music, from teaching to various industry roles. While my primary goal is to perform, I’m also considering other options that could keep me connected to music.

Music has a unique way of bringing people together. The connections I’ve made with my bandmates and classmates are profound. Despite only knowing each other for a short time, we’ve formed strong bonds that I believe will last a lifetime. Music fosters openness and connection, making it a powerful force in my life.

Studying at BIMM has been a transformative experience, pushing me to grow both as a musician and as an individual. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next.”

Alfie’s ongoing journey at BIMM highlights the importance of passion, dedication, and a supportive community in pursuing a music career.



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