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ICTheatre’s Annie McIlwaine on working with Screen and Film School

28th November 2023

Annie McIlwaine is an actor from Belfast and recent graduate of the Institute for Contemporary Theatre in Brighton. In her third year at ICTheatre, she had the opportunity to work as an actor on a short film project with a few graduates and students from Screen and Film School’s Brighton campus. The film was called Safe Space, and depicts the various ways women interact with the mirror in a nightclub bathroom.

How did you become involved in Safe Space?

I was made aware of this project by the Head of Opportunities and Inclusion at ICTheatre and was able to reach out directly to one of the Screen and Film School students in charge of casting the short. From there, I auditioned, attended a recall, and was later cast in the film.

How did you approach collaborating with students from Screen and Film School?

I approached this collaboration with excitement, but also a strong awareness that it is incredibly important to show professionalism in order for everyone to get the most out of this opportunity. It’s also essential, when collaborating, to ensure you communicate openly and respectfully, so I was mindful to bring these qualities to set, along with positive energy and clear commitment to the project.


How was the experience of working on this project?

It was great to collaborate with other emerging creatives from Screen and Film School. Having the opportunity to work with fellow students who share the same passion for film and storytelling as I do was really fulfilling. What stood out to me most was the effort made by the director, crew and other creatives to create a safe environment where we could all explore the material and play together.

What do you think the benefits are of working with students from another creative discipline?

Working with people from a different subject area is a great way of learning from each other, experiencing everything first hand and working through problems that arise together using your different knowledge and approaches.

Why do you think collaboration is so important in the creative industries?

I know that I develop my own skills the most when I’m surrounded by other creatives; our shared passion and interests fuel and inspire each other. Sometimes, it can be an incredibly isolating industry to be in and that passion can easily be lost without the support of other creative people who understand that feeling. That was one of the great things about ICTheatre, that shared experience with other creatives; to know that, whatever’s going on, you’re far from alone and that, when we work side by side, our individual skills and perspective create something bigger together than what can be achieved alone.

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