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Applying to BIMM / Audition Tips

Lecturers give their top tips for your ICTheatre audition

13th December 2023

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As we begin auditions to join us in 2024, we asked some of our incredible lecturers their top tips for a successful audition. Here’s what they had to say:

Be yourself

Authenticity is key to a successful audition. We’re looking to find out about YOU – who you are, what you can do, what you hope to achieve. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to anybody else. This is your time, no one else’s.

Have the right attitude

Show us you’re passionate for your chosen subject. Having good technique is important but, ultimately, technique can be learned. Your innate love and energy for your craft is what will set you apart, so let us see it. It also helps to show that you’re curious, playful, energised, and have an open mind – all traits a training professional will find key to a successful career.

Prepare thoroughly

 Make sure you read all the information you’re sent in advance and be sure to study your text thoroughly. Knowing your piece inside out will be a huge help if your audition involves improvisation. Also, arriving at least ten minutes early for your audition gives you time to settle in and be ready. The last thing you want after all of this preparation is to feel rushed!

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Relax – and remember to breathe!

When we’re nervous, our breathing often goes out the window. Focus on slowing your breathing. This will often help with nerves by calming you down, focusing your mind, and quieting any nagging thoughts. This is your moment – enjoy the experience!

Warm up

Be sure to warm up for your audition. As performers, our body is our main piece of equipment, so take care of it. Do your stretches, vocal exercises. Make sure you’re hydrated and bring water to the audition. It’s essential to our brain and muscle function that we have plenty of water, and for you vocalists and actors – you wouldn’t want to dry up while delivering your best lines!

Give it your all

 Finally, and perhaps the simplest tip – give it 100%. Mistakes happen and aren’t the end of the world so don’t dwell on them – but do make sure you’re trying your very best as this will come across in your audition. This is your time to shine – show us what you’ve got!


Our audition invitations are out now – be sure to secure your audition slot today.

To discover more about joining Institute for Contemporary Theatre, including auditions and how to apply, contact us at [email protected] 


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