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Who What Why : Alex McKevitt-Montgomery

7th April 2017

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Next up on our feature is, BIMM Berlin’s Alex Mckevitt-Montgomery.

The rich arts scene and culture called Alex from London to Berlin. We caught up with him to find out more.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

There’s so much great stuff to choose from at the moment. I’m mostly listening to soul/funk/hip-hop – beats-based music. I’m really into a lot of stuff coming from France, like Guts, La Fine Equipe, Suprême NTM and Nekfeu, as well as guys from home like Tom Misch and Loyle Carner. Loyle has a new album out in January which I’m super excited about. Alicia Keys’ new album ‘Here’ is probably getting the most attention from me as a whole album, and it’s brilliant. It covers so many styles, so seamlessly. If I stray from that genre, it’s usually into something a little heavier, and a special mention must go to the Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes album ‘Blossom’.

I spend a lot of time working with other BIMM students. Gabriella Camacho and I are working on a track of hers which has some minimal electronic vibes mixed with tribal elements; very different and cool! And our Ulysse Blanc is a brilliant guitarist and we’ve been writing some hip-hop beats together. There’s so much talent here, so I’m never short of things to listen to!

What do you love about Berlin?

The sheer pervasive nature of the art here. Everywhere you look there’s someone playing music, or dancing or painting and creating something. There’s such an acceptance and encouragement of the art scene here by locals and visitors alike, so you really have no excuse not to get stuck in.

Why Music Production?

Diversity, opportunity, choice. There’s so much I love to listen to and so much I love to write, so doing Music Production gives me a way to work with so many artists with different ideas and influences, and that really effects my creative process in a positive way. I’ve only been here for two months and it’s already changed me so much as an artist, producer and creative mind. I’ve still got three years to really explore where BIMM will take me through the things I learn and the people I’ll meet along the way. It’s an exciting time!


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