Why Study a Foundation Diploma in Music Business at BIMM Institute Dublin?

29th November 2020


Why did you choose to study Music Business?

I chose to study music business because ultimately I want to arm myself with enough knowledge so I can better guide and assist the artists that I work with. I’ve always been super excited, passionate and driven to work with incredible artists, and want to do anything I can to help them achieve their goals.Understanding the business side of music is just as important as understanding the creative side of it.

What are you looking forward to most about the course?

The people. BIMM has always been known for being a great place to connect. Really looking forward to connecting with my peers, and becoming the next generation of the music industry together. Also having the opportunities to have one-on-ones with some of the best in the business!

Are there any particular modules you’re looking forward to most?

The module I don’t know the most about is Publishing – so am looking forward to getting stuck into that. There are 3 modules in the Music Business – Live Industry, Recorded Music Industry and Publishing. Publishing can be a bit of an enigma, and has so many layers to it, so it’ll be great to have the oppurtunity to dive deep into it!

What are your career goals at the end of the course?

To feel confident in what I’m doing in my role as an artist manager. Sure – you can learn loads from working in the industry and general life experiences, but it’s so reassuring to have some level of study to back up your thinking, and that direct connection to the industry with anything you’re doing. One day I would love to run my own management company that represents queer women and non-binary folk, and this idea is something that got me started in the industry in the first place a couple of years ago. Until then, I want to learn everything I can from all areas of this industry, and do my best for those artists I’m affiliated with now. Communication with those around you is something that is so vital – never underestimate the power of your peers. Being an artist manager can be a lonely experience, so it’s important to have a good support network around you, and a group of people who you trust to sound things out with.

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