Why Study a Foundation Diploma at BIMM Institute Dublin?

29th November 2020


Hi, my name is Emma Pearson and I’m a student at BIMM Institute Dublin. I’m currently studying for the Foundation Diploma in Professional Musicianship, Guitar.

What made you choose to study a Foundation Diploma here at BIMM Dublin?

I decided to study for a Foundation Diploma here at BIMM Dublin for a number of reasons. The course gives 30 ECTS credits at Level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualification, which is great. All the BIMM lecturers have extensive music industry experience, so everything you learn is of value and applicable to a real career in the music business.

This is actually my third year studying at BIMM. First, I studied for a Diploma in Songwriting. The next year, I studied Music and Audio Production. I’m now studying Guitar so that hopefully I will have the skill set to write, play on, and produce my own demos and build a songwriting career.

The course is part-time. Did this help sway your decision at all?

As a mature student, the fact that the course is part-time has made it possible for me to study as well as balance work and family commitments. The flexibility is great as I would currently not be in a position to study full time. Studying part-time also allows plenty of time to apply the skills I’m learning at BIMM to my own creative projects.

Are there any particular parts of the course you’re looking forward to?

“You learn how to work in different musical styles, which is really interesting.”

I’m particularly looking forward to expanding my knowledge of guitar. I’m fairly competent on open chords, but this course quickly teaches how to play moveable chord shapes and patterns all over the neck of the guitar. You learn how to work in different musical styles, which is really interesting.

It’s also great to have a creative music theory aspect to the course, and to get the opportunity to take part in Live Performance Workshops, collaborating with students from other disciplines at BIMM, such as vocalists and drummers.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying at BIMM Institute Dublin?

To anybody thinking of studying at BIMM, I highly recommend the experience both personally and professionally. If you put in the work, you will learn valuable new skills quickly and you might just find yourself joining a band.

In my first year at BIMM, I went from singing songs in my bedroom to performing with a live band in a major Dublin venue, and I’ve now written over 40 songs. I’d say embrace the learning process and use it as a valuable experience to hone the techniques you need to mature as an artist. Also, many people from the Songwriting Diploma have progressed to study on full-time degree programmes at BIMM.

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