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Who What Why: Will Brookes

30th May 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I recently discovered Slint, who have been about for a while. Their album ‘Spiderland’ is a mixture of hypnotic guitar parts and really cool vocals. I’ve also got the album ‘Insecure Men’ by Insecure Men and Boy Azooga’s ‘1, 2, Kung Fu!’ on repeat. It’s quite different to what I’ve listened to before and has vintage/retro keyboard sounds, so it’s quite quirky and great to just sit back and relax too. It’s such a great indie album that instantly brings up my mood. I’ve been listening to a lot of Jazz when studying –  bands like Gogo Penguin, Mark Guiliana, Duke Ellington and Oscar Peterson.

What do you love about Bristol?

Bristol is such a diverse, yet unified city. There’s such amazing locations within a stone’s throw of each other, which mean’s there’s always things to do and to discover. Of course, the music scene is brilliant, and the music venues Bristol has to offer are as diverse as the city.

Why Bass?

I’ve only been playing bass for a couple of years but the groove, rhythm and harmony just got me. The way the bass fits right in to music just appealed. BIMM gave me the opportunity to turn my hobby into pursuing a career, and being around driven and talented musicians has pushed me forwards.

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