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Who What Why: Jack Trubshaw

30th May 2019


Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m really enjoying the new Black Peaks album at the moment. The band are really talented and the album is amazing. I’m also liking Nothing But Thieves and De Staat from a production point of view as I think they do some pretty creative stuff in the studio. Earlier in the year I got to see Arcane Roots live, so obviously I was pretty gutted when they announced they were splitting up a few months ago. I’d highly recommend their last album.

What do you love about Birmingham?

I think generally Birmingham still gets a hard time from the rest of the country. The city as a whole is really diverse and I think that’s reflected in the music created here. Whatever you like, there’s a scene for it. The geographical location of Birmingham is really important to me, as I can pretty much get anywhere within a couple of hours travel. The fact that there’s so much investment going into the city too is really encouraging. I think it shows that we’re heading in the right direction and people are starting to see the city as a rival to the likes of London or Manchester.

Why Music Production?

I started producing music by accident as I used to play in a lot of bands through school and college and we could never afford to pay engineers to record our demos. I remember getting an old Soundcraft analogue mixing console online for £20 to mix a gig on once, and although it was pretty knackered I became obsessed with it, working out the best way to try and record a full band with terrible microphones and the built in input on an old laptop. Needless to say the recordings were awful but I became really interested in the whole process.

I think that good production skills are essential to anyone who works creatively in the music industry, and the course is really practical, meaning that you get lots of hands on experience in professional environments whilst also gaining important theory and music business knowledge.

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